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Has anyone seen the documentary "Grey Gardens"? What are your thoughts on these people? Eccentric or crazy?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) February 22nd, 2013

Maybe, a little of both?

Do you feel as though Little Edie turned out the way that she did because of her controlling mother?

Also, why did she always wear headscarves?
Grey Gardens

The doc is about Jackie O’s eccentric aunt and cousin.

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Yes, it was fascinating!
I think they were eccentric, but…living in that ramshackle place pushed them over the edge to rather, um, “unstable” maybe. lol
I dunno…I am pretty damn eccentric, but I would never live in a condemned house.
I want to be eccentric in nice surroundings.haha

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Haven’t seen the film but I know the story. Would like to see it at some point.

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There’s no question that Little Edie was chained to and controlled by her mother. After Big Edie had passed away, Little Edie sold the house and property (to Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn) and moved to Florida. She lived the rest of her days in a neat, spotless condominium. Every now and then, an author or journalist would visit the condo and be amazed by how immaculate it was.

Little Edie always wore scarves because she had alopecia.

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Here is a beautifully written article about Little Edie. According to a cousin, he witnessed a Little Edie set her hair on fire. Some members of the family attribute that trauma to her hair loss.

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This family was extraordinarily wealthy for generations. Little Edie’s mother, in her youth, was a beautiful socialite. Her husband left her because of her increasingly bizarre behaviour. Little Edie was a debutante who was expected to live a fabulous life in New York and be a big star. Perhaps her mother did not really want her to, or something happened to her. But she never forgot that she once was going to be a star, and that might account for her big personality and singing and dancing. I love this movie.

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I alway thought that big Edie never wanted her daughter to fully grow up and grow away from her, nor did she want her to go out into the world and eclipse her. Sort of an love in excess coupled with jealousy. Little Edie was a very dutiful daughter, and probably gave up much with regard to the outside world to keep her mother happy.

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@Qipaogirl I agree with everything that you said there.

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Was still beautiful in her 80’s.

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You are a fan too! There are lots of us! @Mama Cakes, and yes she did remain beautiful!

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@Qipaogirl My girlfriend and I are a tad obsessed. ;)

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Smiling, it is a wonderful film! @Mama_Cakes have you ever been to a party with the grey Gardens theme? Much fun!

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