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Help! What to do about shoes making black marks on floors?

Asked by janbb (51177points) February 22nd, 2013

My hardwood floors are getting black scratches from the new heels that were put on my clogs. Is there anything I can put on the rubber heels to stop the scuffing and/or what is the best way to clean the marks without hurting the finish on the floors?

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Usually I can just scrub the marks off. Have you tried using the shoe to scrub off the mark? That works for me….if it’s a softer rubber. For the harder rubber, at the worst, you’ll need an magic eraser, dampened, then rub slightly.

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An eraser does the job.

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I would take them off at the door. Whatever the cleaning solution, that will stop the problem in its tracks.

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@Bellatrix These are my slippers.

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Put turtle wax on the heels.

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See above. Plan A would be to take off the clogs before I walked on the floors. Sorry, but, “Duh”
Second, spray vinegar and water on the mark, let it sit and wipe it off.

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I would use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser I think to get the marks off. Just double check they are ok for wood.

Can you go back to the shoe repair and tell them what is happening? Maybe they have a solution.

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@josie Yes, I get that that is the easiest solution now that I know the shoes are what’s causing the marks but I didn’t before. Also, I am most comfortable if I can wear these in the house.

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Shoes with soft white soles (like tennis shoes) work pretty well to remove black marks from other shoes. I like the idea of taking them back to the repair place and asking for a different type of heel. I sympathize…I wear my clogs as slippers, too.

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Stupid slippers. Get a new, different pair,

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Mix some baking soda with water. Spread it on the floor. Scrub the floor gently. It works very well.

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Update: I’ve found that undiluted Murphy oil soap gets the marks out and I am trying to remember to take off the clogs when walking through those rooms. Will also take them back to the shoe repairman at some point and/or get new clogs.

Thanks all!

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