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I found a lump on my 4 month old chihuahua?

Asked by Tequila (337points) February 22nd, 2013

My chihuahua is 17 weeks old and I just found a dime-sized lump in her right hip area. She is sleeping, eating, playing normally but I am worried about what this may be and if she’s going to be okay. I know taking her to the vet is the best thing to do but I am broke and I’d like to avoid that if at all possible. She just got the last of her “puppy shots” last week. Does anyone have any experience with this on such a young dog? Any ideas?

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The lump could be due to the shot. Where she was injected.

If you’re broke, you shouldn’t have a dog. Sorry.

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My previous partner and I had a cat who developed a lump after he received his rabies vacc. It eventually went away.

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I thought of that but I’m pretty sure the lump just showed up in the past day or two. She got the shots 8 days ago. Would it take that long to show up if it was some kind of reaction? By broke I just meant I don’t have the money to throw towards a vet visit for no reason. If it was something that needed treatment I’d come up with the money no problem!

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It could be a benign cyst; my dog had lots of them. The problem is that only a vet can tell you for sure.

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Is it relatively soft, does it move around or does it seem to be attached to bone? If it is soft and moves, I would not worry. And if it is hardish, don’t worry either, yes it could be due to the shot, is it in the same area? I really do not rush to the vet or the doctor every time some little thing appears. If the dog is happy and healthy then keep your eye on it. If it grows substantially then that is something else. But probably it will go away in a while. It could be an ingrown hair, it could be a million things, 99.9% of them not a big deal.

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My older dog has lumps. The vet told me if they are not “attached” to a bone or muscle do not worry about them.

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