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Is Metal Detecting a good hobby?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 11th, 2008 from iPhone

You probably seen people with metal detector going throughout the beach. I’m not seeking treasure, just some fun and excercise for my moderate belly :)

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if you have nothing else to do, I guess so.

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My Dad (shout out to you NVoldguy), went through a metal detecting phase. He never got rich but it kept him occupied for a time. The metal detector? That sold at a garage sale ages ago. The belly? It was still there the last time I saw him.

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Demetri Martin said he was going to hide pieces of metal in the sand with the words “Get a Life” written on them.

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My wife started talking about metal detecting the other day. I told her it was a super nerdy hobby for old weird men…

Then, I considered the time I spend playing my XBOX 360… I retracted my statements, and apologized….

However, I did note that while I can piss away my time, with dignity, in the closed confines of my home, people will see her.

And they’ll talk, oh how they’ll talk.

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It’s outside so a bit more heathy then cooped up with an x-box and there is the anticipation of getting a signal knowing it could be anything from a bottle cap to a gold band. I have a White and I find it to be like a serious Easter egg hunt.

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Its a great hobby. many treasures have been located using a metal dectector. my uncle in law found a ladies diamond ring, valued at $3,000, while metal detecting. also, many civil war collectibiles. we have been on several hunting trips together. just be sure to ask permission, before you detect on someones private property. we were never denied access to use our detectors, but some people have been arrested for trespassing. so, be sure to ask first. my greates find was the very first Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bottle ever made. it worth about $250 dollars. happy hunting! john

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