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Moving china packed boxes (10), no shipping?

Asked by SGames (1points) February 23rd, 2013

Im living in Europe, my mother is moving to California from Missouri. I need to get my heirlooms packed by professionals (all china and crystal… Old stuff) and driven from Missouri to Ky. These are too fragile to ship, any suggestions on a company that will do this without charging a fortune? Its only about 10 medium boxes.

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A moving company will probably do it. Since it’s not furniture that she will need right away they will probably do it pretty reasinably if you can wait until they have a truck going that direction.

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Yes, thank you Judi. I was looking for any suggestions as to which moving company? I’ve contactes 2Men n a truck, and Atlas. Any other suggestions? Thank you for responding. ;)

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local moving companies usually participate in a network. I would contact a local company with a good reputation.

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I think you have to research moving companies in Missouri the same as you would any local mover. You go on the internet, find out who they are, and what people say about them. You might also ask some of your mother’s friends in the community, who they recommend.

There are people here who live in Missouri, but probably not in the town your Mom lives in.

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