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What's the best way to fix a mini-usb port on an external hard drive enclosure?

Asked by bomyne (636points) February 23rd, 2013

I accidentally knocked my external hard drive off my desk an hour ago. As far as i can tell, the drive itself is fine. But the mini-usb port is bent badly.

I want to fix it so i can use it today but as today is Sunday, the local repair shop isn’t open. Is there anyway to fix this? Or will I need to buy a new enclosure?

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I do have a spare WD hardrive enclosure that may be the same physical size, but I can’t figure out how to open it as it has no visible screws.

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If the connector is beyond repair then you have nothing to lose by assuming it isn’t. So get a needle nose pliers & see if you can bend the entire connector into realignment with the housing and/or bend the outer metal shell enough to allow re-plugging in the cable. It might actually work long enough to back up data.

If you get this far & it still doesn’t work, the next step involves a screwdriver and soldering iron. If you’re lucky there’s a broken wire/conductor where the connector is soldered to the circuit board, which can be bridged with a bits of wire & solder. If you’re not lucky, the connector will have to be replaced & you’ll never get the right part before the local shop opens anyway.

If it’s a true MacGyver-style emergency (foiling a plot to blow up the world, say) you could solder all 4 individual wires from the cable directly to the board—2 power, 2 signal. Good luck with that lol.

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