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Is it legal to gamble online for cash rewards in the US?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) February 23rd, 2013

Is it legal to play games of chance on your mobile phone in the US and win cash? Do the companies hosting those games have to be located offshore? Is it legal for them to offer such games to US citizens? Where do I learn about the legal rules for this sort of thing?

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If not now, then it should be soon in NJ and NV. We have an arms race going on now to be ever more permissive about how casinos are allowed to take gambling people’s money.

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As far as I’ve read recently, It’s legal when the website is based in one of the states where it’s already legal in bricks-and-mortar casinos.

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I have gambled at online casinos, but never any that actually had their home offices in the U.S. Expect to run into some problems when using a credit/debit card in that some of the banks/credit card companies won’t allow you to use your card at an online gambling site. And in the long run, I found that some of them were a little scammy when it came to offering large account opening balance, but then later I would find out that I basically had to lose 4 times that amount in order to receive it. I guess it depends on the casino!

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I knew someone who literally made his living by staying up at night (here in the UK) playing online poker against bored housewives with credit cards in the US that were playing during the day. I’m not sure what exactly but some law changed in the US about 5 or 6 years ago that pretty much scuppered his whole lifestyle. He has a job now earning about a third of what he used to.

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@RareDenver That’s pretty much what I was referring to. A lot of American banks made it where you can’t use your credit/debit card to gamble.

Sounds like your friend had a pretty good thing going, though :) And meanwhile, the hubbies of the bored housewives probably never even knew about it!

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The thing is, you’d have to be of legal age to legally access any online gambling site. As far as I know, casino sites will not work in any country they are not permitted to be in. I know some states in the US that have legalized gambling and are therefore safe for those of legal age to play. There are actually quite a number of online sites running in some states legally. or you could also check Lucky Admiral , coz if you’re able to access it, then it must work! It’s one superb online casino site!

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