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Guys: Your (straight) girlfriend has a poster of a half-naked girl on her bedroom wall, how do you feel about it?

Asked by this_velvet_glove (1142points) February 24th, 2013

Would you think “how sexy” or “how weird”?

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I doubt I’d think much of it at all if I were a guy.

Who is the half naked girl? A celebrity/athlete? And is the poster overtly sexual?

Either way, it’s no big deal.

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Just a poster of some sexy girl, not someone famous or anything…

ALSO: What if the poster was porn movie related?

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I applaud her for her good taste.

Don’t invent things to worry about. As Freud said, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”

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@elbanditoroso I’m the girl, not the guy :p So I’m not worried about this, just asked this question to see what men think…

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Meh. Is she using it as inspiration?
If she were older than 18 I would consider it a bit childish. But I think chewing gum constantly is childish too.

Next time you are at a news stand or grocery store that displays and sells magazines, look what or who is on the cover. Almost all of the “Womens” magazine have women on the cover.

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Lady-person here. I’ve kept this(cover).jpg image as my iPhone wallpaper for years, and guys seem love it when they see. It appears, generally, to indicate to them that I have some appreciation for the beauty of the female form, and because that is in fact the case, this tends to be a point of connection between us. I’m sure some guys – and some ladies, for that matter – think it’s an indication of my sexual orientation, but because I don’t give a shit whether other people think I’m gay or not, that’s never been a problem for me. If this is what you mean by your boyfriend thinking your poster “weird,” I would only worry about it if he brings it up or gives it an obvious hard stare or something like that. And then I’d just tell him I find the picture aesthetically pleasing and reassure him that I am attracted to him if he seems to need it. But if the reassurance he needs is on the order of confirmation of my sexual orientation as 100% straight girl, I’d think seriously about breaking up with him because I wouldn’t want to date a person who is so close-minded and willfully ignorant as to believe that 100% straight people exist, let alone that his girlfriend ought to be one of these imaginary people.

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@wildpotato 1) He doesn’t have a problem with it, 2) I was thinking of getting this: Isn’t it great?
(If I were a guy I’d find it sexy, just sayin’...)

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@this_velvet_glove Very sexy – and awesomely 80s. Gotta love the underboob shot.

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Side boob, under boob..; I am pretty much just a boob fan from any angle.
If I had a girlfriend (my wife would kill me) and she were straight (not a stretch of the imagination, since she is my girlfriend), I wouldn’t have an issue with it. It may just make her feel sexy.

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I’m much more fond of the male form, to the point that some guys might find it odd. For example, I had this photo framed in my bedroom through most of high school. Some ignorant people deducted that I was a lesbian from this. How that makes any sense, I don’t know, but them’s the facts. People are stupid.

If I dated a guy with pictures of half naked guys hung up on his wall, my first reaction would be “sweet!” But I have to admit I’d find it a bit odd that a straight man would have as keen an appreciation of the male form as I do. I know when I see the male form in all its glory, I don’t look at it for the aesthetic pleasure, I imagine doing dirty things to it.

But I think most would find it stranger to find male pictures in a guy’s room than female pictures in a girl’s room. That’s the beauty of our culture: the double standard. And we’re all guilty if it, whether we admit it or not.

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I would think that was awesome.

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I wouldn’t mind at all, personally, even if the poster was there because she found it sexy.

I would mind if it was a male poster and she masturbated to it, I suppose I would feel substituted in a way and would want to be the only male to stimulate her that way. A female image wouldn’t induce such feelings of competition as long as she wanted me all the same.

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Now, my new fascination is underboob shots.


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Why would I mind it. Most guys, including me, think that two girls together is pretty hot.

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I would be thinking “Why does she have a poster on her wall? I don’t date high schoolers….”

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Delighted our tastes in wall art are so well synchronized.

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She’s not straight, she’s bi, so it’s cool.

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Pics or it never happened.

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I like the pic that I posted. I just want to nuzzle all up in there.

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I don’t worry about the poster but the pics are making me so so horny.

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That’s probably just as annoying as those people on Youtube who say “First!” to comment, or “Tits or gtfo” when a woman with apparently ample boobs posts a video.

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If my girl had bi-tendancies I’d want her to explore that. Suppressing stuff comes back to bite you in the ass. If we don’t live our lives fully what ehr heck are we doing?

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That was the heck, not ehr heck.

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I’m that girl (well, maybe “straight” isn’t an accurate description), my boyfriend appreciates it!

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