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Ever wake up with a song in your head?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) February 24th, 2013

The other day, I woke up with this in my head. It’s from the movie “Bernie” (Jack Black). “Love lifted me. Love lifted me. Loooove lifted meeeee!.”

This morning, this. “Cold pop, cold pop. Barbecuing, barbecuing. Cold pop, cold pop. Barbecuing, barbecuing.”

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Almost every day. It often helps me figure out early on if I’m depressed or (mostly) normal.

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Most of the time my movies have soundtracks. I can wake up with a song in my head, despite having not heard it in 40 years.

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Yes, very often. Today it was Whole Lotta Love.

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@filmfann Did you see Bernie?

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Yup – many days. I also have a song in my head in the middle of the night as well.

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Sure, Often.

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Yes, quite often. Today I woke up with the song “Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop…” haha. Iv’e been in a good mood so far :)

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Yep, I wake up with earworms all the time. This morning it was Camarillo Brillo.

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90% of the time.

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Yes, all the time! This week I couldn’t get this song out of my head. I love the lyrics and in a lot of cases I think that is what makes the song stuck in my head.
These are the lyrics for the song:
In the rain in Amsterdam
I thought I saw you
In a window looking back
Over your shoulder

In the rain in Amsterdam
I was writing to you
On a postcard
I never bothered to send

There were doves
Circling above me
And tulips all around
What were you trying to tell me?
I could not make it out.

In the rain in Amsterdam
I thought I caught you
Bent over the canals
Gazing at your own reflection

In the rain in Amsterdam
I saw little of the city
Only water, so much water
Falling in a veil around me

Who’s to say how long
‘til this rain is done?

I love the line about doves and tulips!

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Sometimes, but I always wake up to music in my ears. My alarm is set to an FM classical station. Unfortunately, I have to endure the annoying voice of the morning DJ and hear an endless explanation about each piece, which he’s obviously reading but trying to sound extemporaneous. My main beef with this guy though is his programming. He tends to play overly heavy pieces better suited to nighttime. I’ve thought about writing him about this, but since he’s considerd the classical “guru” on the station, I doubt it would do any good.

Thanks for giving me a chance to rant about this. GQ!

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Geez… My DREAMS have soundtracks… What an idiot. Nice job, @filmfann

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@filmfann We understood what you meant. I just figured your dreams were especially cinematic.

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Funny, I have music in my head all the time. I just have to listen to hear what it is. But I mostly have visual images going to sleep and wake up with a rehash of my latest dream.

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This happens to me fairly often, but here’s something odd I don’t quite get; I will often wake up with a song in my head if when I wake up, I’m still very tired. Like if I haven’t slept enough, or didn’t sleep good. The song seems to be well printed in my brain, I remember more of the words and can better imagine the music than if I had sufficient sleep. I wonder why that is.

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Every. Freaking. Day.

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There’s a musical soundtrack in my mind that never stops, except, I suppose, when I sleep. Sometimes not even then. It’s there the minute I wake up and runs through every conscious moment.

Sometimes I have to work hard to change from a tune I can’t get rid of (like now, for instance—something playing on the PA system in the CVS store two days ago won’t leave me), and sometimes it’s a delightful replay of music I really love.

Oh, I guess I should add that when I’m actually listening to music from an external source, the inner track usually doesn’t compete.

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Oh yes. I wake up often with songs playing in my head. I can’t think of one right now but usually it’s something that makes me go ‘why the heck is that song in my head!’

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There is a song in my head all day, every day. If I quiet my brain, I can hear it anytime. I hate when something gets stuck in there for days at a time. Even when it’s something I like, it gets pretty old.

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It matters…
On the weekdays its, Work hard, Play hard by Wiz Khalifa
On the weekend its, The lazy Song by Bruno Mars

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