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If I were to raid your kitchen, which brand names would be in abundance - and do they reflect your ethnic background?

Asked by cookieman (35959points) February 24th, 2013 from iPhone

My kitchen is loaded with items by Goya, Pastene, Filippo Berio, Barilla, and San Pellegrino.

My wife, our primary chef here in cookie-world, is of an Italian-Argentine background. Despite being in America since she was two, her cooking and her choice of food products reflect her background.

While we enjoy other styles of cooking (Asian, Brazillian, vegetarian), we eat those out – at restaurants.

Home cooking, and by extension what we buy at the market, is primarily of Italian-Argentine origin.

How about you jellies?

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The local supermarket’s no-name store brands.

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No obvious pattern here. Lots of variety.

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My mother is a whirlwind of tastes, culture and brands when it comes to the kitchen. We do have a lot of Indian spices, but then we have lots of Italian and English and Chinese thrown into the mix too. A very diverse but balanced diet :D

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Hmmm… three jellies for variety. Maybe I’m the only one who shops so ethnic-centrically.

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Cupboards are bare right (I’m taking off for a week-long seminar).

Usually, varied stuff.

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We try to get as much as possible from local farms and markets, so we don’t have much that is nationally branded. Therefore, Kashi is the brand you’d find most of, because we eat their breakfast bars on the way to work and I eat their frozen meals for my work lunches. I also have their oatmeal in the cupboard.

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@hearkat: Ooh, I just picked up some Kashi Peanut Butter Granola Bars. I do like their stuff.

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Mostly generic brands. I never would have thought to correlate ethnic background with brand names in my cupboard!
I do, however, have a bitchin’ spice cabinet, which includes cardamom, saffron, XXX red hot chili powder, sambar powder, turmeric, tamarind, etc…

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Hain, 365, Kikkoman, Asian, South Philly Gravy, DeCecco, Campbells, Xochitl, Nissin, Dole, and so on. Wolfgang Puck. Amy’s. Chef Boyrdee. It changes all the time. You’ll see asian condiments, Mexican foodstuffs, Cheeses from all over the world. Pineapples, blood oranges navel oranges, brocolli, asparagus, various meats.

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The only thing that I can see really is healthy stuff. Fruits, veg (mostly organic) and natural peanut butter. Stuff like that.

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Trader Joe’s. My background is French and English, but I do not care for French food, because there’s not much in the way of vegetarian items and there’s too much heavy sauces. I think of French food as being a lot of fish and game, and I think of British food mostly as meat, like kidney pie, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and fish and chips, and sausages, although there is plenty of vegetarian Indian food in Britain. However, I always have Earl Grey tea in my house.

I tend to favor Asian and Indian and Mexican food. Yesterday I had Trader Joe’s Tom Yam Soup and it was so good!

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@Kardamom: I love Trader Joes. Big fan of their frozen items and Almond Butter.

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President’s Choice and Compliments. Basically, these are the equivalents of no name brands. I’m poor, and anyways, whether I pay 75 cents or six dollars for a jug of juice, it’s all gonna give me entail cancer in the long run.

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@Symbeline: So you enjoy your food?

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Mine are eclectic. Muir Glen, Trader Joe’s, Twinings, etc.

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I never have very much food in my kitchen. If you were to raid my kitchen you would say “damn Chyna, what’s a person supposed to eat when they visit?”

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Besides the generic store brands and jars of veggies and tomatoes we have canned from our garden, the majority of brands would iinclude General Mills, Prairie Farms and Breyer’s. Our kitchen is not for the lactose intolerant.

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You’d have to ask my butler.

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@chyna: Come to my house and we’ll cook for you.

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@cookieman Damn straight I enjoy my food. I find that it’s not because it’s cheaper that it won’t taste as good as more expensive brands.
I’d much rather feast on no name tourtières than a sixteen dollar pack of nasty ass pogo sticks that taste like cardboard box.

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I already did. That is where I got this great brand recommendation for anal lube.

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@ragingloli I suspect that to be a lie, of sorts, err, how can I put this…he’s very old & still has flashbacks from the trenches, in short…he’d rather bum his master than speak to a german, hang on…

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@ucme oh, the things you don’t know about your butler.

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@fundevogel His interview suggested impeccable upbringing, used to lick the royal arseholes back in the day…such dedicated service.

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If you looked in my kitchen today you’d be confused – I have an Arepa maker and P.A.N corn meal sitting out, some Panela sitting next to that and then my rice maker & Japanese short grain rice because we had rice with dinner as usual.
The arepas, empanadas and Panela were because yesterday was “World Thinking Day” and my Girl Scout troop presented the foods and customs of Venezuela.
The rice cooker is because we eat a lot of rice at my house – it doesn’t feel like I’ve had dinner unless I have some white (short grain, Japanese) rice..a product of my having lived in Japan for years.
Oh, and we have some Italian oils and lots of Kinder Chocolate and German candies (Toffifee) sitting on the counter because our German “daughter” (exchange student) is back for a visit for three weeks and she brought us goodies from Germany & Italy.

None of the foods would reflect my ethnic background really..Tho, when we have Lefse in the house then maybe you could guess at my hubby’s ethnicity…

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@Symbeline: I was referring to this line…

it’s all gonna give me entail cancer in the long run.

Not the choice of generics.

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@cookieman That last part was me trying to be funny.

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No brand names stand out. We tend to buy and eat unprocessed foods as much as possible these days. So there are a few cans of tomato, flour and other pantry staples but nothing that really matters which brand I buy. Nothing in there says I’m British. I doubt you could guess our origins by our pantry contents. We tend to cook recipes from all over the world.

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Hmmm…..nothing that could be related to my ethnic origins which are Scottish & Welsh with a dab of German. haha
Lets see…I have in my pantry right now Campbells Soup, Quaker Oatmeal, Success rice, act ll popcorn, Golden Grain pasta, Rosarita beans, Premium Saltines, Special K cereal, Skippy P.B. Shake-n-bake for chicken, Guerrero tostada shells, Coffee mate creamer, Folgers coffee, store brand Garbanzo beans, and about a 100 cans Friskies and Fancy Feast. lol
Also various bizarre brands of Pepperoncini and pickled cauliflower and some asian honey and vinegar. A mixed bag clearly. haha

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My cupboard, pantry, freezer and fridge, are all overstocked (hubby is a pack rat when it comes to food). So I must admit, if you name it, I probably got it. What ethnicity!? It doesn’t matter.

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I buy a lot of stuff in bulk so there’s no brand names, the only brand I do tend to gravitate towards is Delallo’s pasta products cause they are imported from Italy to right beside the town I grew up, and it’s a poor area, but their products are great and it reminds me of home in a great way (I always had to drive past that place to get to my favorite pizza joint) so I like to support them.

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Campbell’s soups, Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese, Prego spaghetti sauce, San Giorgio pastas, Hormel chili, Del Monte and Le Sueur canned veggies, General Mills & Post cereals, Quaker oatmeal, Thomas’ English muffins, Stouffer’s/Morningstar Farms/Lean Cuisine frozen stuff, Kikkoman soy sauce, Sriracha hot sauce, Sabra humus, Cracker Barrel & Kraft cheeses and Arnold/Martin’s/Maiers breads. American mutts here.

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@augustlan: I love Le Sueur peas.

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@cookieman They are so worth the little extra they cost. Baby peas are delicious!

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I was raised Jewish, so I have a real inclination towards authentic Jewish cuisine.

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@augustlan: I just hate that they are raised in tiny cages.

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OK, so who’s bringing what to the next Fluther potluck?

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There are very few things I’m a brand-nerd about.

Eight O’Clock Coffee. Whole bean, ground in the morning before going in my Keurig’s Eco-Brew reusable filter. For the price, it’s the best coffee going.

Annie’s Goddess dressing. Though, for budget reasons, I have slummed it with Kraft’s Green Goddess dressing.

I’m Irish. There’s no such thing as “Irish Food”. We’re just happy when we have food.

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Irish stew in the name of the law
Ravioli irish tea-bags

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@Seek_Kolinahr I too love Annie’s Goddess dressing. Lately I’ve been looking for recipes that sound similar. I haven’t tried this one yet, but it sounds delicious Greek Goddess Dressing I’m hooked on Greek yogurt these days too, so I wanted to try this one out.

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@Kardamom My son calls it “Green Dip” and puts it on everything. It’s kind of awesome. Beats the heck out of ketchup.

Yeah, that recipe is going to happen in my house.

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