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What are the movie stars doing right this second to prepare for the Oscars?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) February 24th, 2013

It’s about two hours until the red carpet, as I write this. I want to know what the stars are doing now. And also, when they did what, today.

When did they do their hair? Their faces? Their nails? When did they get dressed? Is that something they are doing now, or something already done?

Do they do these things in hotel rooms? Do they go to the studios and use dressing rooms there? Do they go to salons?

Does every female star have her own team, or do some of them share hair dressers?

Do they stay in hotels the night before, and spend the day getting ready, or do they stay at home or at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills?

When do they get in the limo? What time must they arrive? Are the arrivals scheduled by how important they are? The most important ones arriving at the last moment?

SO tell me your speculation or your knowledge, if you have any about this.

Is it different for lesser stars and for the people who are up for set direction or animation? The ones who may not be so beautiful?

And what about the men? Do they freak out like the women? Or only the good looking men? What about the people who are fat or hairy and are still stars? Do they take care of themselves differently? Do they not worry so much?

Help me jellies! I’m totally freaked about this! What happens when? I must know!

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