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Does an iPhone (or iPod) charge as just as quickly when plugged into a computer?

Asked by andrew (16358points) July 4th, 2007

Is there a difference than plugging it into an outlet? (This is assuming the computer is plugged in)

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nope you can charge in like an hour or so faster with an outlet

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Logic would say that the wall charger would be faster since it's not syncing and the sole purpose is to charge.

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Well... i'll just plug that sucker into the wall then!

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a sleeping mac will drain an iPhone battery. No joke. It's in the support literature.

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strictly speaking, a sleeping mac doesn’t drain the iphone battery, it just doesn’t charge it. so your phone sits there, switched on, not charging. this is because the mac cuts power to the usb ports when it sleeps to save electricity.

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