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Would you like a new filter for when you ask a question that asks for an original answer?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) February 24th, 2013

I can think of questions that I’d like answered by people who have not heard the answers of others. This happens already, but it would be nice to have a shield over the answers until I’ve finished answering the question on some questions. For instance, I’d like to see what search terms other people would generate on a given subject. If they’d seen someone else’s they would exclude that one, or maybe use it as well. Maybe they would not think of it at all.

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@Ltryptophan What’s up? Somethings bothering you. PM me if you want.

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Er?! Why something bothering me?

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@Ltryptophan I thought I picked up that something was bothering you. I’m very easy to talk to.

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Are you hitting on me?

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Hmm. I wasn’t at first. But why not? No, I have someone that has all of my heart. But I can’t have her.

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Aww @Adirondackwannabe :-(

@Ltryptophan I think that would be great for some questions. It isn’t going to happen but it would be an interesting addition if the questioner could choose to hide other responses for a period of time. On the flip side, it would remove the interaction between responders and sometimes that can help to really develop the overall value of the thread.

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@Adirondackwannabe I really wish you’d stop talking about me, jeez… :D

It’s a fascinating thought, but I think it would take away from jelly interaction on threads, like @Bellatrix pointed out.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I hate to break this to you but I think he means me…

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Ladies and Gentlemen, if you came here looking for the Mills and Boon section, you just found it.

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You can make thousands of dollars writing Mills and Boon. If only I wasn’t such a cynic. I still think @Adirondackwannabe means me. :-P

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You can find that feature at Askville, the grotesquely awful site I fled to come here.

I lasted a month and then followed other refugees to this place with a funny name, where users are mostly civilized and there is conscientious moderation.

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It’s an interesting idea, so long as it isn’t overused. Of course there is no development being done here, so no changes will be made in the foreseeable future.

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I thought @Adirondackwannabe and I were exclusive…

Edit: I just noticed Jeruba up there, too… * SIGH *

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Yep..sounds good in theory, but in practice, we’d probably just go derp-berzerk with it and wear it down to the ground.

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Couple of fucking filters I can think of…

~ <<< That was a tiny tilde.

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I don’t think it is a problem to skip over all the other answers, as I have done, in order to answer without being influenced by others. I do this sometimes. Other times, I want to read what people said before I write an answer, so I don’t duplicate what others have said.

Edit: Now I have read the other responses only to discover no one is taking this question seriously. Too bad. I actually thought it was a good question.

Truth be told, I am adirondack’s secret lover. Or I will be, once I read all the answers. ;-)

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@TheobromosHumper, there were a few real answers, as I’m sure you saw if you read them all.

The point of mine was that there’s someplace you can go if you want that feature (or would like to try it out), but that I didn’t care for the site that had it. On balance Fluther is a far, far better place.

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