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How do I import my Safari bookmarks into Firefox on a Mac?

Asked by Jaltcoh (263points) February 24th, 2013

I’ve tried Googling, but Firefox’s instructions don’t work.

Going to “bookmarks,” then “show all bookmarks,” then clicking “import bookmarks from HTML,” and clicking the HTML file, but it doesn’t work. The bookmarks don’t show up anywhere in the “Library” window.

Dragging and dropping doesn’t work.

I don’t want to import any other settings from Safari, just bookmarks.

I’m using Mac OS 10.7, Firefox 19, and Safari 6. (I just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox today.)

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An alternative to tying your bookmarks to a browser is to use an online service like delicious or one of the many alternatives. Most of them offer browser plugins so bookmarking is just as easy, but you don’t have to worry about moving the bookmarks between browsers or not having access when you’re at a different computer.

Open up Firefox:
1. Bookmarks menu > Show all bookmarks option
2. A dialog window will show up
3. Click the button at the top that looks like a star (import/backup button)
4. Select “Import Data from Another Browser” (last option in the menu list)
5. Choose Safari and uncheck all of the boxes but “bookmarks”
6. A “From Safari” folder should apear with your bookmarks in it

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Thanks! That worked. I had seen that option but didn’t realize you could limit it to bookmarks.

(I use Pinboard, which is like Delicious, but those aren’t the same as browser bookmarks.)

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