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Good single player card games?

Asked by fortris (680points) June 11th, 2008

Please include rules.

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52 card pick up…throw them on the ground, pick them up.

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@jamzzy Very funny.

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Freecell! So addictive, and already on your comp! Enjoy

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Strip Solitaire.

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I like Spider Solitaire, installed automatically on your PC.

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Spider Solitaire it simple and fun !! =0

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I also like Spider Solitaire and four-deck variation of this game – Gigantic Spider.

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On that link, Bruce, they’re selling Spider for $20. Wow. It came with my computer. Makes me wonder who’s buying it.

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They sell 430 games for $20. I bought it because I found it’s bore to play the same game over and over again without trying something different.

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