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Can anyone identify this symbol or set of symbols?

Asked by Afos22 (3980points) February 24th, 2013 Here it is. Well, my drawing of it anyway. It is on a piece of jewelry that I found when I was a child. I don’t remember where or when I found it, but I held onto it. This image appears on all 6 sides of a small, silver, rectangular prism. It is around the size of a cubic centimeter, but taller than a cube in shape and there is a small loop at the top to attach to a necklace or something. Can someone please tell me what this is, or what it means?

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Can you also show it inverted, just in case you have it upside down?

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Grab monitor > flip once > flipt twice > voila!

I am kinda thinking it’s inverted though, although I don’t know much about symbols and the like but usually dots and whatnot are on the bottom.

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Oh yeah, what area were you living in around the time you got it? It could be something local to native americans that are/were in that area at some point. That could help.

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Can’t really tell, the image is too small and too unclear. So sadly, can’t tell you anything useful.

Only thing that comes to mind is maybe it might be a kind of talisman/charm or something?

Not to appear rude, so no offense, but maybe a photo would have been better?

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The bottom part looks like Arabic.

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I don’t think it’s Arabic.

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Here it is rotated 180 degrees and enlarged. In this view, the top squiggle looks like TGO or maybe IGO with a bar over it. Flip it back in its original position, and it reads 071 or 091 underlined. It’s not communicating with me.

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Some languages, like Sanskrit and Punjabi, are written attached to or hanging from a bar.

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I doesn’t look like any Brahmi script I’m familiar with.

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There’s a strong resemblance to these figures. Which are based on these, I think – it’s a bit confusing.

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@gailcalled, that’s exactly the reason I asked for it to be inverted. But those do not look like Sanskrit characters to me.

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No picture available ?
I do still think it looks like some stylized arabic letters on the bottom .. al Mowa ?
I have no idea what that would mean but that detail looks a lot more like arabic to me than the inverted version looks like sanskrit.

The hole at the top, for hanging should give us a good clue what the top is.

But, heck, maybe it’s just something that looked nice to the jeweler?

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Took a few pictures today.
Any ideas? Also, I live in south New Jersey and may have found it outside. But I may have also found it on vacation in South Carolina or Florida.

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You probably won’t like my guess, but here it is. I don’t think they’re symbols at all. I think they’re just a design made of silver wire and beads of silver by an inexperienced craftsperson. It’s an attempt to create the same design on both sides, with dots and curlicues.

The clue is in the second image: the dot in the middle is just a dot. But in the first image, it flowed a little too much when melted and ran into the curlicue, causing it to connect to the curlicue. That’s the same thing that happened to the rightmost dot at the bottom on both sides.

The other dots, although irregular, mostly held their shape.

I think it is meant to be decorative and not to have any literal meaning. The lower shape on both sides might be seen as a stylized heart. Possibly it was made by a very young person. It’s easy to imagine this as something handmade for a mother or a sweetheart, and the person to whom it was given was probably very sad to lose it.

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That’s one theory :)

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Good photos! But I’ll admit it’s no clearer to me.
It is cute and may simply be symbolic and pretty. The upper figures do look a bit like two elements in conversation, and together they’d make a heart.

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To me, the heart looks like a head and two arms. And below, two legs.

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