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What is your hobby?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) June 11th, 2008

I need a new hobby

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My hobbies are:

-playing guitar/mandolin
-drums and percussion
-mountain/trial biking (can’t really say there are mountains in Louisiana….)

Come on, there are plenty of awesome hobbies. Pick up an instrument, go for a walk, buy a dog and train him/her, make a website, read a book, make/design something, go on a trip, the possibilities are endless.

Sorry if I’m too chipper, I just had a NoName (formerly called Cocaine) energy drink on a completely empty stomach…

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-Praising Tim Curry
-Playing the bass
-Praising Tim Curry
-Praising Tim Curry
-Praising Tim Curry
-Praising Tim Curry
Did I mention Praising Tim Curry?

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That’s a little obsessive with the Tim Curry…

But that’s just my opinion.

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I think I answered something similar to this before. For most (not all) people, you can check their profile to see their hobbies and interests. Can you take a stab at mine without looking???

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Working with my dogs.
Making Jewelry.

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Slap to forehead. how could I forget: Fluthering.

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Does working with your dogs mean training them? If so, tell me about it, I’m very curious. I have a Pomeranian and German Shepherd and after 10 years I’ve trained them to sit, lay and roll over. That’s IT. (And the Pomeranian forgot how to roll over).

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Yes, although not training exclusively. I am still acclimating my ex-racing greyhound to life as a pet. My eight-year-old 1/2 English Setter 1/2 Dalmatian is very willful so periodically needs refresher work on not obsessing over squirrels. I always enforce recall by carrying treats in the house and working on that regularly.

If your dog comes to you and experiences good things, he or she is much more likely to come when you call them in an emergency situation. Shepherds especially like to work, because they are so smart, they need to be kept busy.

We also go on dog adventures to off-leash parks, beaches, and to trails where we work on leash. They love to go places and experience new things and smells. We just play in the back yard too.

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Well, you could take over as one of the Resident Spell Checkers. That title was thrust upon me and I am ready to abdicate. Or, have someone give you her cat.

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@gailcalled A cat is not a hobby. He or she is a calling.

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Someone here said that we are simply staff to a feline.. But I do stand corrected, on the cat issue only.

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Saying things in a way that people might not be expecting. If you were to ask me where I’m from, I would tell you it’s a small island 3000 miles off the coast of spain.

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I was the one who said that we are simply staff to a feline… Let’s face it, cats don’t consider anyone their master or superior. They consider you the person who feeds, cleans, and occassionally entertains them.

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@elchoop; that was a priceless line. May I add you to my list of cat-wranglers?

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Let’s see as my name inticates.
scrapbooking paper and digital
jewelry making
rubber stamping
and Homeschooling my kids

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Taking pictures

And I guess you could call building a website a hobby?

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@elchoopanebre: I know

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