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How fake is reality TV?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) June 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I love it but I feel like i’m being duped. What is your favorite reality show and how much of it is real? Do you even care if it’s scripted? Has anyone seen the movie Running Man with Arnold? Can that type of show ever be a reality?

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Well Bear Vs. Wild looks really real. Like not even fake

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Well, they do have writers for “reality” shows…

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It’s often rehearsed. It’s all edited. Last I checked in my life, real life or reality isn’t.

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I still love Survivor. I am going to audition tomorow. It seems to me a great adventure. I love some of the people and hate others. Great set puzzles and such. I don’t think running man would ever be allowed.

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Even Man vs. Wild isn’t 100%. They now have disclaimers before each episode stating that numerous aspects of the show may be stages to illustrate a potential situation.

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I would like to answer this question. . .but I am confused! I get hooked on some of it. I sit there, an intelligent person (or so I think), and sit there and sit there and ask myself why I’m watching it. . .and don’t answer my own question. I don’t know whether to believe it or not. . .and so I just sit there watching.

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@lindabrowne Th same human impulse behind the success of Gladiators and public hangings I think. It’s human if not admirable of us.

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Well i think that there is a lot “fake” about Reality TV Shows but the things you learn about people and how they interact is why people get hooked on watching them. =0

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@ stevenb ~ I like Survivor also. Please let us know how your audition goes. Break a leg!

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Well I didn’t get picked there. They had a really really bad lottery system. One guy spun a bingo basket (once), then he would grab a handful and pick five at a time out of it. The sad part was the people that got picked were nothing like the people they would ever put on the show. Some could hardly walk, some were really really out of shape and a few were honestly almost 70 I would guess. It was in an Indian Casino though. I am still going to send in my application like everyone else though. I hope I get on. I would love that. What an adventure.

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I think some of them would be fun to be on,
but, as a non-participant, I find them too contrived for any of the “happenings” to be relevant or interesting in any way.

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