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Can anyone identify this pink unicorn stuffed animal from the 80s?

Asked by brightrising (5points) February 25th, 2013

I’m trying to identify a pink unicorn stuffed animal we got in the mid to late 80s. I’m guessing it’s probably not made anymore, but we will would love to know if the manufacturer is still around. Or if anybody knows a place/company that can re-create stuffed animals that aren’t being produced anymore, that would be great. Ours is falling apart, and we would like to have a newer one to pass on to the next generation.


Here’s a link to a picture:

It’s not very clear from the current picture, but we’re going to take additional pictures with it next to a ruler for scale and better resolution.

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Try looking through Google images for pink unicorn

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Pink UNICORN 9” Plush Stuffed Animal by Superior Toy – 1980’s
found an ended one on ebay with the name, hope thats some bit of help.
where i found it could try contacting them to see if it didnt sell.

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Do you see it anywhere here? Or here?

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Just so you guys know, I already googled for this toy at least 20 pages in. I wouldn’t be asking the community if it was already on ebay or google images.

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sorry just back on computer, went to look at the pictures but couldn’t see them anymore saying they don’t exist, hope you managed to find it,or if not send me links to pics and I’ll see if I can use my Google-fu to help ;)

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