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Anyone know any more list sites?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) June 11th, 2008

Such as Letterman’s top 10 or blogs that list the “20 worst” whatever?

I love lists. I even have a strange quirk where I like to put things into lists. The only site I found that has links to sites with list articles is

Anyone know any more?

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gailcalled's avatar – for books, movies, people, etc…

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You can look at other peoples lists on and

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Thank you Marina.

Those are two sites I’ve heard about a great many times but never checked out until now.


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Sure, anytime. Another thought. I use “Best of” lists all the time in my work. I usually google whatever specific topic I am looking for. For example: Top pharmaceutical companies.

phoenyx's avatar has all kinds of word lists.

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@phoenyx Breathtaking site, thanks for introducing it to me.

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Thanks a lot, guys.

I am definitely going to get my list fix!

Are you guys at least somewhat with me on the affinity for lists?

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@phoenyx; just what I don’t need. A wonderful forum about words with literate and clever respondents.

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I’m a big fan of lists, too. I almost exploded with glee when I found this site:

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