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Studio drapes/curtain seams in post editing?

Asked by metadog (378points) February 26th, 2013

Hi! I have been directed to set up a small studio at my work. The use will be mostly for “talking head” interviews and such. Seated.

To add some versatility to the space, and since I can’t paint it, we were thinking of getting some theatrical drapes that could hang in the background. Green, black and white. The vendor I found has a system that will attached to reinforced drop ceiling grid… which I have.

My question is this, I have two fabric choices… one thin poly muslin and the other a thicker “PD Cloth” or “Cyc Cloth.” I like the thicker stuff better, but it will have seams, the thinner won’t.

Would seams be a big issue in post if I am keying? Should I just go with the thinner stuff?


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This isn’t my field of knowledge, but…can you visit the supplier’s place of business and make a sample video? Or just make a sample with any seamed fabric and test the results?

Also it would seem that if you are interviewing a single talking head at a time, there’d be enough distance between (vertical?) seams that you could position the subject where there’s no break.

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