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What's a good book for a new older sister (8 years old)?

Asked by drdoombot (8120points) February 26th, 2013

I’m having trouble finding a nice book for my 8-year-old cousin who has recently become a big sister. I was looking for something that talked about being a good older sister, etc.

Google and Amazon have not been helpful. Any suggestions?

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The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

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Any of the Little House on the Prairie series (best read in order).

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A Wrinkle in Time.

good to see you, doombot.

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A couple of ideas:

This one is a journal that the Big Sister gets to write (with stickers and fill-in-the-blank sections) about the first year of their new sibling’s life. If she’s a crafty sort or likes to read, this might appeal.

Perhaps you could add to it a book like Just Mom & Me or Just Dad & Me – by the American Girl Doll publishers (they make great girl-centric books, really)..and this can be a special thing to do together w/ mom or dad to remind her it’s not all about the new baby.

And finally something like the Girls Guide to Everything might be cool…and you can tell her she can teach the new baby in time.

Lastly..if she’s into art or something..maybe some coloring books or a nice journal or pad of paper with a set of colored pencils would make her happy (and help keep her occupied when mom & dad are busy caring for a newborn) as well.

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Gah! I can’t edit. On that first suggestion I meant to say: “or likes to WRITE”. <sigh> Sorry, typo.

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Bloom. It about a fourth grade boy and his little brother rather than about a girl, but it’s funny and poses predicaments of the sibling relationship.

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Yes.the Little House series is a must read!
I think it is very important for children to see the way their ancestors lived and that regardless of the era we are all humans with feeling,hopes,dreams and a shared history despite the century we were born in.

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Along Coloma’s theme, The Land Remembers, by Ben Logan might be good. It’s about a boy, but it’s got a lot of good messages in it.

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