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How does one ask to be considered for the job of being a Roman Catholic Pope?

Asked by talljasperman (21813points) February 27th, 2013

Seeing that a position is opening up?

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I believe that it is not a volunteer position. Being a member of the College of Cardinals helps..


There is only one type of Cardinal. The RC church is known for its rigid hierarchy and lack of loose policies.

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One is a certain type of cardinal. Then one can vote for Pope and be selected for Pope, as well. Not sure exactly what kind of cardinal you have to be. But there are cases where a retired cardinal from an area will vote, but the current cardinal will not be able to.

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One qualification above all is you need to be nearly dead.

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John Paul II reigned from the time he was a sprightly 58 until his death at 85.

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You need to win the contest “rape as many kids as possible”.

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Yeah but he was all kinds of awesome though. I loved JP2, a cool Pope, now there’s an anomaly.

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Put together a really impressive resume, hit the pavement in Vatican City, and knock on lots of doors. It wouldn’t hurt to take a large mailing envelope and place it on your head lengthwise.

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One represents the political initiatives that most of the Cardinals want to see put forward. For example, you need to be conservative and hold tightly to church traditions. You may also need to be white and European. Then again, you may need to be Black or Hispanic. Not clear, yet. You may need to represent a continent with a growing Catholic population. You may need to be young enough to travel a lot. You may need to be charismatic. You may need to be rock solid on theology. Lot’s of possibilities. We won’t know shit until the conclave is over and the white smoke appears.

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a) Be an elderly man.
b) Be a catholic.
c) Don’t object to having your strings pulled by the cardinals.
d) Do not rock the s.s.Vatican City.

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How does one ask to be considered for the job of being a Roman Catholic Pope?

“Dear Cardinals,

Would you consider giving me the job of Pope of the Catholic Church?

Sincerely yours,

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^^^ And if you are Jewish, female, African-American and lesbian, so much the better. Lots of on-the-job experience.

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A love for Prada shoes would be one qualification.

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Basically, I think that volunteering for the position guarantees that you won’t be considered.

And WTH are the Cardinals doing in Rome these days, anyway? They’ve got to get into shape for Opening Day against the Diamondbacks on April 1st!

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@CWOTUS The Nationals are going to kick some Cardinal @$$ this year!!!

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This was in today’s Trinidad Guardian.

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I’m a Red Sox fan, @SadieMartinPaul. Until 1967 I didn’t even know the Cardinals existed. Since then I haven’t much cared for them. Anyone who wants to, and can, should kick their @$$, this year or any other.

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@CWOTUS I’m with you on the Red Sox. I was born and raised in New England, so I’m a lifer (I’m fond of the Nationals because I now live in D.C. and because N.L. teams don’t offend me.)

The Cardinals didn’t defeat the Red Sox in 1967; Bob Gibson did. He had three of the Cardinals’ four wins. When his team didn’t give him run support, he stepped up and knocked in his own runs. What an amazing player he was.

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Don’t call us; we’‘ll call you is the rule for that job.

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By your willingness to support the discrimination of women.

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Good one, Matt :)

I wholeheartedly agree !

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You must be A Single man, White, Catholic and in agreement with the Majority of Roman Catholic population worldwide.

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White? I seriously doubt that. Do you have any authoratative source for that assertion?

You are, I presume, aware of the fact that there are black clergy in the upper echelons of RC hierarchy, Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals.

Afaik, there is nothing in official policy preventing any of them from being in consideration for Pope. Granted, the historical record has not been that promising but things change all the time.

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