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How can MARIAH CAREY be selling 200 million records if no one will admit they like her?

Asked by margeryred (289points) June 11th, 2008

It is no secret I LOVE Mariah Carey & I consider myself one of if not her biggest fan…
That being said, I don’t meet many other people willing to admit they like her. How can this be possible since she IS the biggest selling female artist of all time? She has beat the Beatles record & soon Elvis’...
I realize that times are different technology wise for this to occur, but if no one likes her how can she be so darn successful?

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The same reason the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but “nobody” watches it.

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I like her she has amazing voculs

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She has a beautiful voice.

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We all secretly listen to her…

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@crunchaweezy – I wouldn’t go that far, but I would say that everyone in the age range of 24–34 watched Full House growing up but would never admit it.

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I had a teacher who said she liked her.

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I love Mariah’s music, she has the greatest voice!! I loved her music even when I didn’t know what the lyrics said, lol

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Beatles didn’t have the international possibilities that Mariah has.

And though I respect her songwriting abilities, I disrespect that she’s gone from pop to pop hip-hop without blinking. I wouldn’t ever buy a CD from her. I think she’s in it for the money now.

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Not just international, but I’m guessing the internet distribution helped her a whole bunch. I buy music from artists over seas every day.

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brittany spears.

@brownlemur – a more than true analogy.

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I’m not blasting the Beatles… I love them.

What I am saying is that Mariah Carey compared to many other current artists that you could consider parallel talent wise, style wise… don’t acheive this success… yet I can’t find many people that will admit they like her…

She did become hip hoppy… which isn’t bad if you like hip current music… however, I really do appreciate her songs that are very adult contemporary mature vocals. I am hoping someday she will return to those days.

Tommy Matolla musta been doing something right!

(P.S. the trampy dressing has to go too!)

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I just want to say that I hate Mariah acting or posing like a slut in her new video is tacky, but I still love her! LOL

And if I had a body like that now (we are the same age) I might do that just because I could! ;)

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