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How do you feel about girls burping outloud?

Asked by elguapo02145 (87points) June 11th, 2008 from iPhone

girls burping outloud

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We’re all humans after all. Right?

Same goes for passing intestinal gas.

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I’m in full support of it. Of course, I find it much funnier coming out the other end. It’s always funny.

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It’s better to urp a burp and and bear the shame
Then squelch a belch and bear the pain.

(well that was what my father-in-law used to say)


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I think it is funny. But you just need to know when to do it (just like the guys). Letting one out at a funeral is probably a bad idea.

And some girls have really cute burps.

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Up in Humboldt last week I got drunk and my friend, Sasha, and I went to get more beer from Safeway. The cashier asked if we were roommates and we said “Not yet,” then he asked who was the messiest and I said “Sasha,” then he asked who has the worst manners and Sash says “Allie.” He asked what one was and I said “I burp.” So he dared me to burp out loud and after getting a look of disgust from Sasha, I did. The cashier laughed and gave me a high five.

So.. since I’m guilty of doing it, I’m going to say it’s ok.

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My little sister is the loudest and proudest belcher in the world! I love it!

I don’t care so much for her snot rockets, especially when she loads them with cady nerds. :)

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my dad’s sister’s family is the gassiest family ever. they’re comprised of the mother, the father and 4 girls. they come to town every few weeks and 2 of them have lived in my house for short periods of time, and it was among the smelliest experiences ever. i never knew a family of really jappy girls could produce that much methane. they should compete with the major oil companies and fuel cars.

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Just something personal to add:
I am a type II diabetic and began using a new medication in September called Byetta.
It is not insulin, it works by slowing down digestion and release of food from the stomach throught the pyloric sphincter into the duodenum.
So your dinner remains in your stomach longer than usual.

The upside is that my sugars have improved and I have lost almost 30 pounds since September.
The downside is that I now burp constantly, loudly and without warning.
I burp in the office and get looks from the staff, I ‘m the CFO and supposed to act like an adult. They can hear me even in I am sitting in my office which is at least thirty feet from anyone else.

I burp at the dinner table and get nastly looks from my teenage sons whom we have been telling not to burp at the table since they were three or four years old. Boys think burping is great fun and there I go, doing what we’ve been telling not to do for 15 years.

I am not a female so this is obviously off topic but I had to share this with the collective.


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It depends who does it, if she’s hot is ok otherwise it’s nasty

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I have a friend who can do the most gob-smackingly impressive belches – and she never holds back. Sure some people are put off by it, but I don’t think she cares.

I think it can be rude to belch out loud if the setting is inappropriate, like business meeting or while others are still eating, etc. But as far as I’m concerned, same rules apply to lads and lasses.

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i think its HOT when a Woman Burps out loud! ;)

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It doesn’t gross me out at all.

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Well Guys Burp All the time & They don’t care but when a woman does it its “Wrong/Rude” Well i say were all human and Girls Shoudl burp if they want to! =0

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yeah i like when girls burp out loud its freakin hot.
heres a lil women burpin video ^^
its impressive o_O

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i think it’s fine i do it all the time people just look at me some laugh , because my burps are really loud :L :D

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