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How to remove a ......scar? Home remedies from Egypt !

Asked by HodaMNabil (59points) March 3rd, 2013

Ok guys, me and my little brother were fooling around kicking and punching each other when my stupid brother scratched me on my face, right next to my nose on my right cheek. That was on Friday I want to get rid of it now before tomorrow fast! Before school! Yes it was bleeding but now it is just dried blood and I don’t want to peel it or it will bleed again, so any HOME REMEDIES? I live in Egypt so no weird oils and stuff, I can’t buy any creams or face washes, I want a home remedy that will work and remove it by Monday if I don’t go to school on Sunday. Please help!!!!!

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Oh, gosh. It isn’t a scar, yet. You have a scab on your face. Your skin needs to heal. If you have any rice bran oil in the cupboard, that might aid in the healing, but absolutely do NOT pick at it. Rice bran oil has loads of vitamin E in it and vitamin E is good for skin. Just leave it alone. You are young and it will heal. Don’t feel bad about it. Wear it like a badge of honour and you can tell the story to all your friends.

Little brothers are dumb like that. I hope he said he was sorry and feels bad for scratching you.

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SCAB! That was the word I was looking for! I don’t think I have rice bran oil in my cupboards today D,:

And my brother didn’t even bother to say sorry, and doesn’t feel sorry for me, oh well I guess someone isn’t going to have my home made waffles.

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Oh, don’t make him waffles for a whole month! Also, your English is very good. How many languages do you speak at home? Are you ethnically English? I am not native to where I live and have raised my own son with two languages, so I was just wondering.

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Only time will heal it, It won’t be gone by Monday. You should leave it alone so it won’t get irritated.

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Vitamin E. Smear it over the cut.

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Welcome to Fluther, @HodaMNabil. Sorry to hear of your injury.

Any drugstore or apothecary should have small bottles of vitamin E capsules. It’s an inexpensive supplement that does not require a doctor’s prescription. You’ll find it in the vitamin and dietary supplement aisle. Just take a capsule or two and break them open, releasing the vitamin E oil inside. Apply that to the area like a salve. Then give it time to heal.

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@ETpro said Vitamin D does help. If it’s a capsule, just poke the end with a pin and you can squeeze a drop on the scab. Avoid touching it until it goes away. Then there won’t be a scar.

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But it will still be there tomorrow for sure. Have the story ready.

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@cazzie, well I am American , I am from Bayone in New Jersey (not sure I spelled that right) at home I speak English with my families, but with my friends at school I speak Arabic , I do know a little French but that’s all, oh! And I know a word in German.

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