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24 extra hours in Iceland. What's the best way to spend our time there?

Asked by beachwriter (360points) March 3rd, 2013

We have a day and a night in Iceland. We’re already booked to visit the Blue Lagoon. What other adventures do you recommend? Our hotel is in Reykjavik and we probably won’t have access to a car. Thanks!

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When Re you going?

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We have a flutherer who lives in Iceland. I am sending this question on to her.

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Yours is a common travel itinerary. Our daughter (who was en route to Germany for the summer) had a similar layover in Iceland recently (well, this past August), too.

Based on how common this is – if you google “24 Hours in Reykjavik” you’ll find a wealth of articles by GQ, TripAdvisor and a host of forums.
One of the more recent articles here looked good.

You’ve already done what I, personally, would do. The Blue Lagoon spa & hot springs are a bit expensive but are lovely, scenic, relaxing and well worth the trip.
I’d enjoy the Lagoon and plan to walk around the area near the hotel, find a nice restaurant (hotel can give you a recommendation) and call it a day—but that’s me.

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I agree with @geeky_mama. You won’t have time to go anywhere outside of town besides the Blue Lagoon but the old part of Reykjavik is really interesting. Go shopping (everything’s wildly expensive), go to the big church, walk, talk to people, have a drink.
People are interesting and interested, just hang out. Let us know what you learn!

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I suggest you chill out in ice land.

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So sorry to be seeing this question just now. Hope you can see it in time though.
I suggest you visit the Church, Hallgr√≠mskirkja, visit Noodle Station (one of my favourite noodle places in town). Also if the weather will allow, you could walk around the harbor, it’s very beautiful especially on a sunny day. You could go shopping at Sm√°ralind and Kringlan, the biggest shopping malls in the country.

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