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Is soy lecthicin bad for males?

Asked by Eggie (5620points) March 3rd, 2013

I read on the internet that if you consume soy lecthin you can increase your semen load but when I took some pills, I realized that I have stopped having morning erections. Is it bad for males?

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I don’t think a study has been completed to that effect.

However soy does contain a chemically similar compound to estrogen. There are several studies involving woman and post menopause treatment/response.

There has also been a study that established that 400 mg daily decreases adrenal response to mental and emotional stress.

One way to see if that is the cause is to stop taking it for a week and see if things return to normal.

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The info I’ve seen about phyto-estrogen in soy is mixed.
Some say the molecule is similar so look out, here come the man-tits and mood-swings.
Others say it’s “phyto-” for a reason, it’s a distinct type effective only in plant metabolisms.

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@dabbler You are correct to my knowledge, it does still seem up for debate.

I forgot to add that the only thing I found in relation to sperm was that for a couple of years it was used to bind to sperm cryogenically, it was thought a better binder then eggs or milk. In a 2012 study it was found that there was damage to the mitochondrial wall and it effected the motility of sperm. That is probably irrelevant to you but the idea that it would cause an increase in sperm load seems unfounded.

It has also been established that only ⅓ of the population can properly digest phylates. The Chinese used this as a waste crop until they figured out how to ferment it. think miso, tempeh, tradtional soy sauce At which point it is rendered digestable.

Not a big fan of soy, can you tell?

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