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Reading while going to the bathroom?

Asked by esayexohen (60points) June 11th, 2008

2 birds 1 stone

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I have a veritable library in my bathroom for such occasions.

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I usually just read latest news on my iPhone, that keeps my busy.

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I have a pretty spiffy books called uncle john’s bathroom readers they are pretty much just books of useless facts and weird trivia. They’re really cool because you can just open it up to wherever, read a couple lines and close it. You leave the bathroom having learned 5 random things every time you go.

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uberbatman: I have one of those, too. My ex got it for me when we were on a road trip to visit his sister in Arizona because I always had to stop and use the bathroom. It only made me take longer.. =\

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@ uberbatman Uncle John’s books are amazing! I have quite a few of them. I also read magazines, and sometimes I use my laptop on the bathroom.

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I read really good literature in the bathroom. Today I read Borges.

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I either read something or I am on my iPhone, usually fluthering.
Now just try to get that picture out of your head when you read something by me.

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well, I didn’t like the idea of reading in the bathroom, but, that is the only place I can be quiet and read, my baby won’t let me, so now I do it…

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Oi well me, I like the prospect of getting some reading done while performing an essential bodily function. Recently I’ve been re-reading Alan More’s Watchman. In the past I’ve read the paper and zombie comics. Actually a favorite for a while was reading the journal Nature. There is something oddly satisfying in reading about the cutting edge of science while one’s bowel gurgle and churn… it’s as if it too is digesting what I’m reading.

However as I write this my girlfriend is reminding what a vile prospect this is. She thinks it’s rather unsanitary. Further more she doesn’t want read any book I’ve read in the bathroom. Gosh it’s as if I’m using what I read as a toilet paper substitute.

So I guess it’s one vote for and well one vote against.

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I’ve gotten a lot of lurve in there. Most of the best Q & A it’s being created there.

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I read Tintin in french, it helps me get used to their smell and their language.

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i have the advantage of being a fast dumper, i mean, im usually done within the minute…including washing hands, so usually i drop my pants, sit down, open the magazine, and within the first 15 words I’m done, i still just take the magazine with me, for traditions sake

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I read music mags… just the reviews really.

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y’all need to eat more fiber.

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I don’t usually need to sit for long, but if I am already using the iPhone, it goes along. Prior to having the iPhone, it was rare for me to read in the bathroom.
The iPhone has also provided relief from having only the cereal box available during breakfast :-D

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Sometimes i play my PSP or listen to my ipod (yes!, I still have a lot of work to do to join the 21st century) sometimes when i have school reading to do i kill time reading, or sometimes doing my homework.

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Read, watch TV, nap, light carpentry.. Is there really anything you can’t do while on two?

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@uno – your the man. Btw when is my end table going to be done?

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@Bri_L: Gimme a huge bowl of all-bran and a couple of days.

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I don’t but my husband does. He usually takes along one of his Calvin & Hobbes books. I try to concentrate on the task at hand, wash up and get out.

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I put my iPod touch in a zip-lock bag and use it in the bath… Like now!

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Do you reuse the bag?

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well, when im in a big in between hurry, i just do number 2 with my ipod still in my pocket, so that is, i slide my pants down, but my ipod stays snug in there, works great, and as i mentioned before, done in a minute :)

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A number of different things will do depending on the situation at hand. If I know is gonna take a little longer than usual, then I just grab some chewing gum and a comic book, if is gonna be an easy job then no reading for the occasion just get the job done and get out. I remember one time it took so long that my little cousin came in and we started playing marbles right in the toilet…man it was fun

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@edmartin101: Ass marbles are the best marbles.

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@uno – Good one (sorry took so long. My basement flooded because of a failed sump pump and that is where my cable modem was blah blah blah)

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Hehe, I usually keep a few random magazines in the bathroom for such purposes. And a couple cooking magazines a well. (Yes, I look at recipes while food I’ve previously eaten leaves my body) I’ve also been known to grab the nearest shampoo bottle and read the back of it, if I forgot a magazine and I’m bored enough.

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Yeah I do the same thing anada. I grab the axe body wash bottle and read that. Is this what the “axe effect” is suppose to be? Oi why is it that people read stuff why on the porcilin throne?

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to distract our minds?

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