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What are the pros and cons of the rod?

Asked by foreverandalways6991 (21points) March 3rd, 2013 from iPhone

I’m thinking about getting the rod inserted into my arm. I was on the pill for a while but kept forgetting to take it. I just wanted to know, what are some of the pros and cons and if you put on weight, how much? Thanks.

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@squirbel – the birth control implant, implanon.

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Welcome to fluther. I am always interested in new birth control method.

I would not how ever use this method as it sounds like it could cause liver problems and and breast cancer.

I like the Nuva Ring personally. You do have to mark it on the calender and check to make sure it’s in place after activity. But you are covered for between 24 to 48 if it works its way out.

Then again I had a bad experience with the Mirena (IUD) so implants make me nervous.

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^^^ 24 to 48 hours?

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@gailcalled I can’t remember with assurity but that is what pops into mind when I think of the window. It was over a day and it never matters. I don’t wait that long anyway.

@Coloma Lol. I had the, ‘spare the rod spoil the child adage’ come front and center to my mind as well.

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I am not a doctor.

If you forget taking the pill I think this could be a good option for you. The possible side effects are some are probably the same as the pill, so if you were willing to take the pill, probably you would be willing to do this. I don’t like to do things I can’t stop if I feel terrible taking it, so as long as it can be removed if I am unhappy with any side effects I would consider it. At one point I took a pill that made me feel crazy, that had never happened with other BC pills Ihad taken, so I don’t want to get stuck feeling awful because of some thing implanted in me and not be able to get rid of it. It seems like you would be able to remove it.

If you took the pill a different time of day might you remember better? I always took mine before I went to sleep. Do you keep them in your purse? That way if you take the pill in the morning, if you leave the house and have forgotten, you see them when you open your bag to put on lipstick, pay for something, or put your car keys away.

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Here is an article with a few serious cons.

Hundreds of women have become pregnant after a long-term contraceptive implant failed, it emerged last night.
Even more have complained that they were left injured or scarred by the rod inserted into their arm, which was supposed to protect them against conceiving for three years.
The NHS has had to pay compensation to women hurt when the implants were inserted and seven women who were left traumatised by unexpectedly becoming pregnant have received payouts totalling more than £200,000 – an average of more than £28,000 each.

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