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How do you pronounce the word "tour"?

Asked by deni (22670points) March 4th, 2013

Please indulge me.

For me tour rhymes with pour, door, roar, oar, more.

Exactly the same as tore.

This originates from me not being able to understand my boyfriend’s grandpa’s use of the word last night, he said it in such a distinct way I had no idea what he was trying to get out!! My boyfriend pronounces it the same way the grandpa does. I pronounce it like I just described above. He thinks its much more common his way. I said I think it’s much more common my way.


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Rhymes with “lure”

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Here’s a handy tool for all your English pronunciation needs.

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@Sunny2 Great way to describe that pronunciation thank you.

@thorninmud Does that rhyme with door and more? Or more with “purr”?

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@fremen_warrior The way that guy pronounces tour sounds like an Asian that doesn’t speak much English?!?! Is it just me?? lol

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@deni Neither. Rhymes with “doer” (as in” the doer of the deed”), but more monosyllabic.

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I say ture.

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I agree with thorninmud. Now I see the allure of a tour. It was pure fun.

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Rhymes with cure, lure, pure, and moo-er.

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Not sure what it rhymes with, but it certainly doesn’t rhyme with Uberlin!

(I just felt like linking this song here someplace today ;-)

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@thorninmud So the same as @Sunny2 said, like too’r?

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Yep, that’s about right

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So how does your boyfriend say it?

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In English, I’m pretty sure I pronounce it with a diphthong.
In French, the way the Métropolitains say it, a close back rounded vowel.
@deni, I’ve lived up and down the East Coast of the U.S. and I’ve never heard a native speaker pronounce “tour” anywhere near “tore” !
Language sure is funny.

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Tour does not rhyme with door or roar or oar.

It does rhyme with lure and pure.

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I pronounce it your way @deni: rhymes with door.

No one’s said anything about it to me, but some have given me a ribbing of how I say “tourist” “torist”. Also oyster. oischur. I’m too American to pronounce the t’s in “butter”.

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Loo Er – lure
Too Er – tour
Poo Er – someone who takes shits

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Two – er

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@bookish1 Holy shit this is mindblowing! Well, I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and the “accent” there is pretty distinct. I never thought I had too much of it, however people will often point out that they can tell where I’m from. I’m not a total Yinzer like some Pittsburghers BUT there is something about the pronunciation of ou’s and o’s and a’s in general that is pretty specific to western PA, and maybe a few other small pockets, I think. Kinda like pop. So that probably explains it.

@fundevogel Interesting! Where are you froM?

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But nah, it rhymes with door.

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Tore, tour, door, lure, poor – all rhyme.

How the hell are you people turning “tour” into a bisyllabic word?

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Tour and tore are homophones in my pronunciation.

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Haha I’m confused about the word ’‘lure’’. Maybe it’s just the way I pronounce it…but I say loo-er, except I don’t say door or tour like lure. Hmm…

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You “loo-er” your victims to the oubliette in which they will await their demise?

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yup. guess I’m sayin it rong lol

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@Seek_Kolinahr THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID TO HIM THE FIRST TIME. I was like, what the hell word are you trying to say? It’s one syllable!!!!! The U is not before the O!!!!

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The same as Mick Jagger does ohnonotagainimgettingtoooldforthis

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I agree with @Sunny2.

Actually, if I really think about it, I pronounce “tour” as I pronounce “sure” (assuming you don’t pronounce “sure” as if it is “shore”). With only one syllable, but it doesn’t rhyme with “door”.

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I never thought of this before, but I say tour as in “door” but tourist as “sure-ist.”

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@SadieMartinPaul You raise an interesting point… does anyone pronounce “tourist” as “doorist”? If not, perhaps this is the perfect comparison: I pronounce “tour” as the first syllable of “tourist”. :)

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@deni I grew up in Florida, no specificly regional pronunciations there I know of. I really don’t know why I say somethings the way I do.

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approximate IPA: /tuər/, rhymes with “sewer”.

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I say it the way they sing it here .

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Since it’s spelled like sour, I pronounce it like sour with a t.
E.g., I’ve got major munchies, so let’s go to the Leaning Tour of Pizza! ;-p

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lol, great example @Brian1946. Munchies, yes

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@thorninmud He pronounces it like you and @Sunny2 and most others on this thread. too-er.

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Like saying Two Were as one word.

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Rhymes with boor, lure, moor, poor, and your, to name but a few[r].

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@Pisces In my head I heard all those with a Scottish accent. But I’m not sure if you have one of those.

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I say tour so it rhymes with pour, more, soar.

Australians tend to say too-er.

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According to webster, there are two ways to pronounce it. This is the way I do (audio)

1tour noun \ˈtu̇r, 1 is also ˈtau̇(-ə)r\ (link to webster)

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@deni My dad’s from Pittsburgh and he also pronounces it two-er, I think. Or maybe a bit more monosyllabic, like “toor”.

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I’ve always said it like “lure.”

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Here’s a rough count:
@bookish1 @deni I’m from the East Coast too (Boston) and I think that most people say “tore”. “Tore” definitely fits the Boston accent more. I’ll have to keep an ear out for the next few times I hear it.

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@dxs I think that at least most people from where I’m from, western PA, say “tore” also. That is why I never even thought of it before—I didn’t even realize there was variation! Now, every time I hear someone say it, they say “too-er”! I’m like WHAT’D YOU JUST SAY? I DON’T KNOW THAT WORD. Except now I do because that’s how everyone pronounces it here.

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Tour, rhymes with poor.

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Western NY – sounds like poor or cure.
The same way as the theme song for Gilligan’s Island”: . Listen at seconds 0:18 to 0:20

Clearly that is the correct way! ;-)

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^ That’s clearly an Argument from Theme-Song Authority fallacy.

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Ugh! I screwed up the link.
Here it is. Gilligan’s Island . Listen between seconds 0:18 and 0:20

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