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What do you do to feel better when you're feeling really down on yourself?

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) June 11th, 2008 from iPhone

You know those days, I-have-no-personality-and-what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life days?

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i eat ice cream, sleep, watch a movie. finally, when i have had enough “fun” i talk to myself (yes i really do this) and tell myself that i am going somewhere with my life and i can do it bla bla bla and i just need to work harder, and set more ambitious goals and discipline myself so i can achieve them.

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Spoil myself!!
Cancel any commitments and do something I want to do, whether it’s putting on PJ’s and comfy socks while watching 80’s movies or going for a drive to the beach or even shopping – self indulgence and me-time works for me.

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That sounds good…but self-indulgence and self-loathing don’t really go well together for me, I think… :(

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okay then rely on your support system (friends, family etc). some times when i am really having a bad day, my friends will get me a basket of chocolates and we will usually go out for dinner. i return the favor on their bad days.

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I spend some time with a true, great friend. One who cares and will be brutally honest with you if need be.

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I know for me, I find it easier to get over it if I have some alone time – when I’m over the worst of it, I might want to socialise, but not straight away.

My cycle:
#1: The boo-hoo stage
#2: The poor-me stage
#3: The ‘there-there’ stage (and this is where I’m spoiling myself with treats)
#4: The distraction stage (caught up in the treats and forget about the boo-hoo)
#5: The W00t!/‘what-was-I-thinking’ stage (ready for socialising)

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I think I might be dead inside. I don’t have those days. My ability to not care seems to be abnormal.

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Thanks, guys. My cat just came to sit with me while I Fluther so I feel a little better already (hey, somebody likes me)....

@Wildflower – I like your cycle. I think I’m in stage #2.

@JP I know you’re not dead inside because you have a wicked sense of humor. You are probably uncannily resilient. And also devoid of estrogen.

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Well that used to be when I went for Xanax. But I don’t do that anymore.

Now, I like to go on drives when I’m depressed and hang my head out the window (while driving).

Also, sleep. I usually just go to sleep when I refuse to accept the reality of things.

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I love Wildflower’s cycle too. Part of what’s so great about it is having some logic and sense made out of what can feel like an emotional mess.

How emotions change on their own stuns me. I can have a totally crappy day, and then out of nowhere feel excellent by evening. Out of the blue. Makes no sense. But there it is. When I’m in the morass (Wildflower’s stages 1 and 2), I try to ride it out (stages 3 and 4). And then stage 5 emerges on its own. Amazing.

Nocountry, I love that you asked this question and reached out to community. When I’m in stage 2, that’s typically the last thing I can imagine doing.

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@Trusting – Welp, I tried talking to my cat, but she went to sleep. Cute. And inspiring. At this point I usually get confused as to whether I need to get to the bottom of my hole or just sleep my way through it. Sleeping is less painful.

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Go for a run…exercise is the ultimate cure

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Sleeping sounds like a great idea. And I invite you to pray or set the intention to wake up feeling better. See if you can have some compassion for yourself for going through a hard time. That can be incredibly soothing. Good luck, and again – thanks for reaching out.

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I write… either journal style or to communicate with someone specific if a relationship issue is the source of my discontent. Especially when composing a letter, I find that seeking the words and editing the paragraphs to express myself and explain my actions really helps me clarify the circumstances within my own mind.

I also listen to music… at first I select that which helps me purge my anger/sadness/longing. If I start to feel that I’m sinking too deep or wallowing for too long, I’ll start to shift to more upbeat, uplifting tunes.

I hope this helps and that you find serenity soon :-)

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I guess this is more my personal cognitive style, but I like to try to reason my way out of it. So I try to identify the thing that’s bothering me, ask why it’s bothering me, see if it makes sense for that to bother me, and if it does, consider what I can do to change it.

Either that or I try to pay some bills or do something else that makes me feel productive and meaningful.

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Get Busy! Do anything but sit around doing nothing. That will make it worse guaranteed.

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Embrace it.

I like to beat the blues WITH the blues. Crank out some Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters or even B.B. King, and just wail.

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I generally drink an ice cold rum ‘n coke and listen to some awesome electro house.
Helps me get my mind off whatever’s bothering me

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When I’m felling depressed or down, I find that eating fresh fruit and getting outside in the sun helps a lot.

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