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I'm trying to get a new laptop, Apple by the way. Which one could be my best option?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

•••Moderators: This is NOT a poll••• I really need help to decide which one could be good, I heard that apple say MacBook Pro is the best, I dont really know, I’m just looking for a laptop to do what any ordinary person would do on his laptop, what are the differences between MacBook and MacBook Pro? Besides price. Or is it MacBook Air the best option?

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Macbook is best for home life; it only has integrated graphics (so no heavy bootcamp gaming etc) although its a good laptop. Mac book air isnt that great and for the price you dont get alot. unless your looking for an ultraportable laptop you dont need a macbook air. Macbook Pro is wonderful, fast and an all round great machine but its expensive and if your only a home user you dont really need it!

So overall go for the macbook either the mid range one or the top of the range one.

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I’d say go for a Macbook Pro: It’s best to go the best model you can afford, which for me at the time was a mid-range Macbook but my needs have outgrown it…

The aluminium of the pro shows the dirt up a lot less too (if anyone else has that problem use toothpaste, works a treat to clean white apple machines!).

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Instead of sharing my preferences I’ll share my honest opinion on the macs. First of all any mac is great. If this is going to be your first experience on a mac prepare to be amazed by some of the things you’ll encounter.

There are basicly three groups of laptops:
1. The MacBook
2. The MacBook pro
3. The MacBook Air

1.The MacBook has all and more to offer for normal everyday use, internet, games, movies, dvd, build in camera and mic (they all do have that) It’s by far faster than any PC. It runs software to edit video’s without any pain and it handles heavy photoshop files with ease. But forget about 3D. Heavy 3D Games ,if there are any will not be great and modeling would be something best left to do on the MacBook Pro.

2. The MacBook pro, it does all described above and handles pro-software, so 3D modeling would be an option. The MacBook pro is very widely in use with musicians for it’s portability and high capabilities in recording/editing software. Heavy games run well. But then again, there are not many games for Mac.

3. The MacBook Air, great for portability. It’s small lightweight and still does everything a MacBook does. But there were some sacrifices to be made, the optical drive. Apple decided to leave it out. There are ways to run dvd’s /cd’s from other computer by linking it up. Then there’s the hardrive which is smallish and can be extended but at a great cost.
It’s basically a MacBook but smaller, there’s a lot of differences between them but that’s all in the way it’s build and not in the way it performs.

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I would go with the high end macbook (black). I have one and it sounds like our computing needs are similar. You will be amazed because it actually is pretty powerful. The screen resolution is great too. The only reason I would go with the pro is if u want he bigger screen or the graphics card for gaming but it doesn’t sound like ur into that

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