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Recommend a good Media Management tool for Mac?

Asked by LaMaison (72points) June 12th, 2008

I need a good Media Management tool for the Mac. Something that can catalog my images files, be it illustrations, stock photos, web site graphics, video clips, flash files, etc. I came across one a while back but can’t remember the name. And there’s Microsoft’s Expression. Media 2

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Adobe Bridge handles all that I think. Got pretty upgraded in its last version. comes with the Adobe CS3 suite. Check it out. Bridge is the free part of the suite, maybe it can be used standalone.

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Like Bento from FileMaker or like an editing program?

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Neither, I ‘m looking for something to manage a large collection of media files, PNG, PSD, JPG, GIF, FLASH, and some video. I don’t need to edit them within the tool, just browse, search, organize, tag.

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Thats what Bento is for. Not really editing but it organizes and manages your files.

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Same with Adobe Bridge dude. It does not edit files, just organizes….

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@HeNkiSdaBro, Yes I know about Adobe Bridge, as I have CS3. Thanks.

I find Adobe Bridge a little clunky and not very Mac like, and I was kind of looking for the name of another Mac only tool I found once, but can’t remember the name, and I could not find it searching. The only thing I remember it was a Media Manager for images and video, and that it was given a 4 or 4.5 star from MacWorld.

@swimmindude, I didn’t realize Bento did this, I thought it was just some database front-ends for FileMaker.

And there is Microsoft’s Expression Media, but unless I hear something good about it, I don’t even want to install the demo.


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OK, then you already know about Bridge. Sorry for the somewhat short comment. Hope you find the one you look for, let us know if you find it!

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