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Can you recommend me a cell phone (set up for AT&T) with a Qwerty keyboard that's NOT a smartphone?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) June 12th, 2008

I just want the cheapest phone possible with a qwerty keyboard. I text a lot and using the keypad is getting some kind of annoying.

I really don’t need a full fledged internet browser on my phone or anything.

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siemens sk60 (has has a cool sideways twist feature) sorry I can’t link to a picture for you, I’m on my iPhone.
or you can try the older blackberrys, they are pretty cheap on ebay these days.

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I just searched ebay for ” AT&T Qwerty ” and there were about 15 phones and I think most of them were under $100 ⚔

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ok i swear one time i went to best buy and i was looking at the phone and i saw that they had the new AT&T Palm Centro phone for like 50 bucks if you got the two year plan!!

i was sooooo mad because a while before i got that new walkman slide phone and it totally sucks i hate that phone!!

bad reception and all that stuff.

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the w580i sony walkman? I have that phone and think its awesome! whats the matter with it?

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the reception on mine sux.. idk why

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mine doesn’t and i love mine except it got run over by a car so it has been freezing up but got it fixed by sony. :-)

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