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What does this dream mean? HELP?

Asked by SIGNS_TT (128points) March 8th, 2013

Okay, so I once had this dream that there was this circle on the wall. It shone bright white, and then started flashing to different colors. Then it turned blood red and started blinking furiously. I then woke up, for some reason I was wearing my black hoodie with the hood over my head, I was knelt beside the bed with my hands in my lap, and I had my head on the bed. I also had the dream again, exepet it stopped on dark blue, and I woke up under my window. both of the time it was 2:00 AM when I checked.

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It means you were asleep and your brain was working overtime.

In other words: nothing.

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Don’t overthink this or any other dream, for to paraphrase E. Scrooge: ”[it] may be [only] an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato.”

The feelings your dream raised are far more important to explore than the imagry.

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It means exactly what @livelaughlove21 said. I had a dream that I was living in a dressing room at walmart, pretty sure it doesn’t mean a darn thing either.

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The rapid movements from colors and the fact that you were focused on that suggests to me that you are going through some sort of imbalance in your life. Perhaps there is a bit of chaos to deal with this month or in a short term goal. To me, the hoodie represents armor in todays world and you are shrouding yourself from this chaos. Maybe you should be taking this challenge head on.

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I just heard an interesting talk on City Arts & Lectures featuring Matt Walker talking about sleep. He shared that it isn’t true at all that all dreams had all kinds of meaning and that we shouldn’t use them as guidance in every day life and we should absolutely not think of dreams as prophetic. His argument was that dreams are really just your subconscious’s way of finishing off the events of the day and have absolutely no hidden meaning. So in truth your dream could very well mean absolutely nothing.

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Too much spicy food too close to bedtime, throw in a little stress, maybe some hormonal imbalance and you’ve got yourself a nightmare. Sometimes dreams tend to repeat themselves, even with slight changes.

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“Good evening shoppers, and welcome to Walmart. Please be aware that the Dressing Room in our ‘Ladies Petite’ area remains closed until further notice, due to it still being mambo’s house.

Thank you.”

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