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Question about hosting a free TV show site?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) March 10th, 2013 from iPhone

So I have my service sitting around doing nothing that’s ok up to a high speed internet connection and I noticed at on sites like letmewatchthis there are a lot of free TV web sites that have ads and I know that’s probably how they make their revenue So I was wondering if any of you have any idea what sort of money does sex bring in I and if it would be possible to host of those web sites myself I pay for a domain name on possibly have that running to make some money on the side.

So if you guys have any information on that sort of thing what they make or if you have any ideas or suggestions on let me know thanks.

PS I was surprised to find that the dictation feature on iOS 6.1 .2 is actually very accurate I actually made this whole question using it.

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6.1.2 is already out? WTF I just installed 6.1.1

Sheesh, anyway you aren’t clear about exactly what you’re wanting to do. You mention free TV streaming, and then you’re talking about ‘what sort of money does sex bring in’.

are you talking about a porn site or free tv site or what?

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@gambitking huh? I didnt see that lol. I guess the speech recognition isnt so good.

I was thinking of hosting one of those free tv sites that points to, because they seem pretty popular. They use lots of ads, so I was wondering if anyone knew how much they made from that. Do the make money just from having the ads up, or do they need to be clicked?

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The money is rather marginal. You need LOTS of people and enough of them to get duped into the ads.

There’s two ways this is done. First, you charge other businesses for ad space. This is best when you can show them you’ve got tons of traffic and they want the exposure. If you have no value (traffic) for your ad space, you go the affiliate route.

This is where you set up tracked links in various elements on the site. It’s sort of advertising on commission. When people convert through them, you get paid. It’s a pretty minimal amount in most cases. Most of those TV sites use ads (often deceptively) for “software downloaders” and “video players” that sucker users into spamware and adware all over the place.

Either way, the risk is that you’re probably a pirate if you host such a site, and likely breaking the law in some way. Take a lesson from Megaupload and all those off-shoots and consider something else to do with all that juicy bandwidth.

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Web developer here. Absolutely, what @gambitking said. Internet porn is a huge business, but only for the players that already are screaming tech geniuses and have a boatload of money to throw at it; or partnerships between a screaming tech genius and someone with a boatload of money.

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@gambitking Ahh so just having the adds there doesn actually make you anything, I guess there’s no point then.

@ETpro Yeah, and considering the server is running at my mothers house, I think hosting a porn website might not be a good idea XD

I feel like there should be something I can use it for as a way to make money but I’m not sure how :/

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@ETpro is also correct.

If you’re talking about ads that businesses purchase on your site, then yes you’ll make money from them, but no one will buy them unless you have high traffic.

If you use Google AdSense, you’ll make a small amount, larger if you bring in tons of visits.
Same with affiliate marketing (see if you want to try that out).

Newspaper websites, which depend heavily on ads, charge advertisers by CPM – cost per thousand impressions. So even if people see their ad, they get money. That’s the upper end of ad-based monetization of a website.

If you’re looking to make some money online, here’s a few of the best suggestions I can give you (other than diving into eCommerce yahoo stores with our friend @ETpro there)

All these suggestions can be done with a small website, a little seed money and a lot of innovation and creativity, but it’s the basics of making money on the web (aside from advertising and such):

1) Do you have any skills or specialties? Sell your services on the website
2) Create eBooks, White Papers, high-end content that you can sell per download
3) Create a forum or directory in a small, high-end niche and offer to list businesses in it for a fee.
4) Pick a broad niche or topic you like (TV perhaps?) Create awesome content, and then sell back-links (I call them “text ads”). If you’ve got a great site with great content, with a broad niche, people will be throwing money at you for links to their site. However, google does not like paid links, so it is a risk, you just have to learn how to fly under the radar.

There’s also a few websites you can use to make a few bucks, like and (if you’re the crafty type).

Lastly, depending on your server, you could always sell hosting.

Good luck!

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@gambitking Thats one thing which I’ve though of, ebooks. I am a fan of psychoology and good at manipulating people, and I know how the averaqge person thinks, so I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a self help book, not a big one but a shorter one, it wouldn’t take long, and then see if it actually did well. The problem is, I don’t know how to sell it, I’ve searched for some sites to do it or something but I haven’t found anything much.

If anyone has a site to sell ebooks that would be great, I’d get started and see if it actually made some money lol, really I’d be going into it as a sort of joke.

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