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Any suggestions for cheap meals made from ingredients that keep well without fridge or freezer?

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) March 11th, 2013

I live in a forest camp which is a long way from the nearest supermarket. I have to do my shopping in bulk every few weeks. I am getting pretty bored of just eating the same old things. If anyone has any ideas for cheap, healthy meals made from long life foodstuffs I am all ears. I do have a small amount of fridge freezer space but really most of my food has to be packets and tins :/.

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First thing that comes to mind is pasta and sauce with lentils or beans for protein. Eggs seem to keep for a while without refrigeration, eggs, spam and potatoes always remind me of camping. I like rice made with chicken stock instead of water, add some canned veg. Tuna can be kept but I have never made a tuna casserole so I don’t know what you put in it. Potatoes with veg always fills me up or baked beans with fried potatoes. Couscous is good with some chill oil and veg chucked in. I also make that with chicken stock. You can make a good curry with rice and veg or potato and veg and chicken stock.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment. The real cooks will chime in when they wake up and have lots of ideas.

I am intrigued by your situation. Are you on forrest fire watch or a park ranger? I have many friends who work for parks in Australia, they do some really interesting work!

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crisp bread with butter.

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Every Sunday, my wife makes certain items in bulk, breaks them into small tupperware, and freezes them. Then, during the week, we defrost one or two at a time and reheat as needed.

This works well with:
• homemade pasta sauce
• non-cream based soups
• American chop suey
• beef or vegetable stew
• saffron rice with chicken
• shepard’s pie

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Eggs, canned meat, dried meat, dry noodles, dry beans and rice will all keep for a while without needing refridgeration. Get your eggs from a farmers market or direct from a farm if possible, they will be fresher when you get them and keep longer.

Potatoes, onions and chili peppers will keep too, you may want to get the dehydrated peppers. store them off the ground, hanging 10–15’ high from a tree limb is best unless you have bear issues.

As for recipes here is one I use.

Drain a can of chicken save the broth, rinse the chicken to remove some of the salt.
Cook some wild rice according to the directions on the package, add a little of the broth from above to the water for flavor. While the rice is boiling, cut up the chicken into bite sized chunks, dice some peppers. When the wild rice is about 45 minutes from being done simmering, stir the chicken, the rest of the broth and peppers into the pot. Bring it back to a boil and let it simmer.
When it is about 10 minutes from being done, taste test and season as needed. Remove from heat and let it rest 5–10 minutes and it should be ready to eat.

You may have to add water to the wild rice from time to time.

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Regarding eggs: This is the policy they used at a kids summer camp years ago. If the eggs have never been refrigerated, they will not spoil if kept in a cool place for a few weeks. Once they’ve been refrigerated, they must be kept in the fridge. They might spoil once they’ve been left out of the fridge.

Here’s a tidbit from a wilderness survival forum.

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If you aren’t already sick of red beans and rice [with a tomato based sauce full of spices and dried peppers that’s easy and a big pot of sauce can be refreshed and refreshed until you are sick of it.

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