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Have any of ya'll been to either Hot Springs, Arkansas or Oden, Arkansas.

Asked by Britcraft86 (61points) June 12th, 2008

I’m planning a vacation there for my birthday and I wanted to see what people thought of it. It a cabing in the woods with a river front view. Do you think it would be a nice get away. that’s the website if you want to take a look.

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Hotsprings was lovely – make sure you go thru FDR’s house. He used to go there for the spa treatments; he and Eleanor lived in a very simple and rustic style. I would check the weather because it can be HOT. I was there in Nov. and it was perfect if you are not looking for sophisticated city entertainment. (Good birding, too.(

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I have not been to either of those places, but I can make a ♨ hotsprings symbol….....I know that doesn’t really help at all…..I’m sorry.

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I live in Heber Springs, Arkansas. =) Hot Springs is really nice, but like Gail said, it’s really hot during the day and there is not much flashy entertainment. There are many spas though. It really is a great place to escape and just relax. You know, get away from everything.

I’ve never been to Oden though so I can’t help you there.

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there is a good hiking spot just outside of hotsprings called garvin gardens. There is also an amusement park/ water park called magic springs.

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