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Combine titles of movies/tv shows/books or songs to form imaginary sports results?

Asked by ucme (45420points) March 12th, 2013

Let me explain…it’ll only take a moment or two.

District 9Apollo 13
Babylon 5Space 1999
Ben 10Oceans 11

Hopefully that clarifies my point, if indeed there is one.
Your turn, only if you really understand want to.

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Deep Space 9—Star Wars Episode 1

Interesting! 2 answers and 3 GA’s!

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U-571A Very British Gangster: Part 2

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Jaws 3 – The Naked Gun 2½

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Butterfield 8 – Adam 12

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Super 8 – The Taking of Pelham 123

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Rocky V – Malcolm X

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Apollo 18 – Catch 22

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James at 16 – Stalag 17

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dammit, fucked up again

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This is 40 – Love.

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12 Monkeys – 12 Angry Men

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2 Girls – 1 Cup.

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Slaughterhouse Five- Passenger 57

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Dwarfs 7 – Monkeys 12

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With their respective sidelines abundantly stocked with lots of blood and batteries, they played each other in a 30-hour basketballathon. The final score was Dracula 2000 – Frankenstein 1970.

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Hey, good stuff people, some of you are not as stupid as you look…only joking, it’s good for morale :-)
I’d love for some of these to be genuine sports teams, a few don’t look out of place actually.

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The Legend 1900 – Fantastic 4

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