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How active are the fluther moderators?

Asked by Carinaponcho (1381points) March 12th, 2013 from iPhone

I have a question about the moderators of fluther. How active are they? I’ve noticed a few spelling and grammar errors that went uncorrected. Are they being lenient or are they just not noticing? To be honest, a few spelling errors isn’t the end of the world to me, but I’ve head that it makes some people very upset.

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Have you flagged the errors to bring it to their attention? They don’t read every question and post.

QC on questions is usually tighter than on posts. And there’s also variation among the individual moderators.

As far as their presence here, it’s pretty random; depends on what’s going on IRL. They have jobs, and chores, and school, and illnesses, and a social life, and families – they volunteer the time that they have.

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We need to keep in mind that the moderators only have two options when it comes to answers: disregard or delete. They are not able to edit individual answers. So if the errors aren’t bad enough to warrant deletion, they stay in place with the rest of the post.

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@syz Since I’m on mobile, the flagging feature isn’t enabled. I didn’t realize you could do that.
@SavoirFaire Can’t the moderators suggest that you edit comments?

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Well… I’m happy they don’t delete all posts with errors.

Half of my iPhone updates would be gone.
(As would this question, given it has a mistake in it as well. :-) )

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@Carinaponcho Comments cannot be edited after the initial period (5 minutes?).

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They are very present, especially in the late evening American time zones. I have typos all too often since I type a lot on my iPad. Not that I think it is ok, I much prefer not to have typos. The goal here is to have reasonably good spelling and grammar, but it is not crazy overboard. There is some special understanding for people who speak English as their second language.

You can kind of tell when someone really does not care about grammar, spelling, capitalization, and when they just are writing too quickly or their iphone changed a word. Whole paragraphs with lower case i many times to describe oneself, textspeak, or long long run on sentences that are so confusing it is difficult to understand will be be sent back for editing, especially if it is the main question.

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We’re fairly active, but we do miss things. As has been mentioned, we are stricter about the writing standards in questions (particularly titles) than we are in answers. I think there’s a way to switch over to the desktop site from your mobile, if you see something you’d really like to flag. Otherwise, you can also send a mod a PM to let them know something needs attention.

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I type on my android a lot. Sometimes I go back and forth between editing and not editing because I will think I will have the post completely error free and then I’ll find an error and have to edit it. One time I was in the middle of editing my post that I realized was off topic so I could update it to be on topic once I was done I pushed post, got back on the page to see a little spot where my post was saying “off-topic” I thought “What! Not fair!” Well it can happen. Ask and I think you may receive.

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Re: Desktop site on a mobile

I generally surf the desktop versions of sites from my phone precisely because the mobile versions often lack certain functions. You should be able to get to the desktop version of Fluther. Look at the bottom of the page.

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One in particular @GeigerCounter, she’s radio-active…always radiant & forever clicking on links.

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@Carinaponcho Only questions can be sent back for editing. Users can edit their own answers for up to 10 minutes after the initial posting, but that means you’ll either have to notice it yourself or get a friendly PM from someone who noticed the error quickly enough to let you know about it. And as @JLeslie notes, the moderators take into account whether an error is an honest mistake on the part of someone doing their best or just the result of laziness on the part of someone who doesn’t care.

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They seem to let little typos go (I’m pleased to say), but the more egregious errors get modded. A question that isn’t a question seems to cause more consternation. The jellies who just don’t give a dam are pretty obvious. If they are sufficiently annoyed at being modded, they usually fade away. There are other sites for them.

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Most of the mods are present every day but we can’t read the whole site so things sometimes get missed. If you see something you think a mod should review, flag it.

If you flag something and nothing happens after a day or two, it means that we reviewed it and decided it could stay. Little typos in answers are often left because they can’t be edited (except as an internal edit by Auggie) but if they are very poor quality we will moderate them.

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Apparently they’ve been very active in preventing spam: it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any spam-generated new activity for me.

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