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Anyone using a Dvorak keyboard for daily use at home or at work?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 12th, 2008

Was hoping to see it take off but old habits seem hard to break.

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Yeah, I am.

I’ve been using it steadily for the past 5 years. Those first few months are hard, but then it’s no problem.

I don’t recommend it to most people, because the benefits (reduced RSI danger + minor speed increase) aren’t worth the trouble for most people. But if you’re inclined to try—then I say for for it! While you’re learning you have to not use QWERTY at all, but once you get it, switching back and forth isn’t too bad.

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I wouldn’t mind trying one. Is it hard to obtain a cheapish one in the UK? Seeing as I’d like a reduced RSI danger lol. Although it might be hard switching back and forth with two PCs and with school.

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You don’t need to buy a new keyboard (I’m tying this on a standard laptop). You can just change your language to Dvorak in any operating system (Mac, Windows, or Linux).

When I was first learning I cut out post-it notes to relabel the keys. But really by using Dvorak you’re forced to touch type because looking actually messes you up… it ends up working out nicely.

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I tried but I use far too many public qwerty keyboards and I never got the hang of it. Sometimes mac os x glitches out and switches to dvorak and I think my keyboard is broken…!

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Ah thanks ben. I’ll have to give it a try and get a couple sticky labels ;) it should be an interesting learning experience. Can I ask however, whether you know the answer or not I don’t know but, how does it work in games? heh, I’m used to the wasd setup for moving anything. I’ll give it a try over the summer as I’ll be less likely to use public keyboards :)

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Yeah, games and certain things like (Copy/Paste) take some adjustment… but I haven’t had any real sticky points. Though I don’t really play video games anymore (too busy with Fluther). Most things are customizable these days… plus it’s not a problem to switch back to QWERTY if there’s a reason, I just don’t find that I need to.

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Maybe I guess in games I can just change the keys in there so whatever replaces WASD in Dvorak. Thanks for the tips and info I wouldn’t mind trying it out :)

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I tried it with labels on the keys and oh man my head hurts lol. I’ll try it for a week or two over summer when I have more time. Oh man. I’m out of breath.

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