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Can I give my cat OTC medication for pain? If so, which brand and what kind?

Asked by thetypicalusername (199points) June 12th, 2008

My cat constantly injures himself. Every other week I wake up and find him limping, not bearing any weight on his paw, and hobbling around. I give him Glycoflex to help his ligaments which seems to be the primary issue, per the vet. I hate seeing my Henry in pain…it breaks my heart.

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No, no, no! Dogs are physiologically much like people, but cats are not. They have very different reactions to chemicals and drugs than people do. They are also chemically sensitive.

Here is an example:

Tylenol – This seemingly safe drug used in humans for headaches and fever, can actually be deadly to your cat. Cats have an unusual metabolism in their liver.

Ask you vet about pain relief for kitty.

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Thank you Marina, I know all of that. I was just hoping someone knew of something before I took him to the vet.

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Pain control in cats is very difficult. There are very few drugs that are safe to use in cats and some of those can only be used for a short amount of time (many chemicals that would be fine for use in humans and dogs are not eliminated as quickly in cats and can build to toxic levels in a matter of a very few days).

The few effective analgesics that are available for cats are only available through veterinarians. Make sure that any medication that you use is prescribed and dosed correctly.

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NO NO NO!!!! Absolutley NOT!!! Seek the advice of a veterinarian.

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