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Happy Pi Day, Fluther! What is your favorite kind of pie?

Asked by mambo (2749points) March 14th, 2013

Today is Pi Day!

What kind of pie is your favorite? Do you have a good recipe for it that you’d be willing to share?

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Dutch Apple with cheddar cheese melted on top or, now that I think on it, any kind with crust.

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Wild blueberry pie!

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I don’t discriminate.

I celebrated Pi Day by making everyone in the office break their diets. We had Apple Pi, Pumpkin Pi, and Chocolate Fudge Pi today.

I plan to finish out the day with Shepherd’s Pi for dinner, and some completely irrational hijinks to be determined.

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Lemon Meringue, or Key Lime pie.

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Blueberry pie a la mode. Besides being delicious, I love the bluish tint it leaves on my teeth. They should serve the pie with a little toothbrush for afterwards.

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Meat pie.

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I just love pie.

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Pumpkin! Or maybe chocolate cream? Coconut cream? Pineapple pie is incredible!

I think I should go along with @Bellatrix and say I just love pie.

I just realized that every pie I mentioned was a specialty of one of my grandmothers. Pumpkin is maternal gma, pineapple is paternal gma and both chocolate and coconut were made by great-grandma. No one can duplicate her pies even when they use her exact recipe.

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I now want pie. Damn.

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Home-made apple, pumpkin, coconut, chocolate… are among my favourites. I’m now realising I haven’t had pie in ages. Now I want pie!

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Wait. I may need to rethink this… Where does cheesecake fall – cake or pie?

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I’m going to say pie… yay! Bring on the cheesecake too!

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