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Do people tend to have nightmares when they eat right before bed?

Asked by AlexChoi (305points) June 12th, 2008

Both my gf and her boss both get nightmares if they eat right before sleeping… is this common?

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I don’t know about food as a whole, but there are types of food that do have an effect on your dreams.

Cheese and garlic I believe give the most likeliness to have a dream. Onions might or might not, raw onions, not cooked (but who eats raw onions?); i haven’t tried onions, i just had someone tell me the other weekend.

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This happens to me too, except I don’t have nightmares just really vivd sureal dreams. Sometimes I do this on purpose.

There isn’t much research on this, but some people say that when you lay down horizontally it throws off the digestion mechanism. The uncomfort of indegestion can manifest in nightmares. Additionally eating generally causes increased blood flow thoughout the body especially the abdomen to deliver the ingested nutrients. This can in turn cause the brian to remain more active than normal when sleeping.

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I will have to agree wth tekn0lust on this one. I have the same problem, but it is only really bad when I eat spicy or really greasy things before bed. I think this goes hand in hand with the above suggestion that the digestion of food has to do with it.

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