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How can I eliminate my depression?

Asked by mostra (9points) July 5th, 2007

i have a very stressed person, im a good looking girl, smart, student of the master degree, i dont know what is the reason for my anxiety and depression

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As a person that's dealt with severe depression my entire life, I find there are two distinct ways to go about it. First, and more simple, is dealing with exterior issues that may be causing the depression: daily routine, poor sleep, bad eating habits, social patterns, lonliness, etc. If you take a moment to really examine the patterns you've built around yourself, it can be very easy to notice what needs fixing, and even if it's a small adjustment in the things you do, it can make a huge difference. You say you are very stressed, perhaps you can start there. Try to figure out what are the factors that are causing the stress/anxiety, and maybe approach them differently. Try to separate "stressors" from each other and confront them one at a time whenever possible, as not to feel overwhelmed.
Secondly, the more complicated issue is: dealing with interior issues. By which I mean, maybe there are deeper emotional problems that you are having trouble dealing with and are causing you pain. If you can somehow find a means to begin dealing with these things, that will certainly help. If you can, try seeking help from a quality therapist, or if you are religious, you can find comfort there,or it may be as simple as having a strong network of family and friends to confide in. Or, ideally, any mixture of the three.
Also, you may have a chemical imbalance that can be adjust with the help of medication, of course that is a big step to take and only a Dr. can help you make it and steer you in the right direction. Good luck to you, and please know that no matter how bad it may seem, you can indeed fight it and get better.

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there are some good answers to a similar question that was asked a few months ago:

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First, I agree with the first poster and also with occ to check out the old post. I too have suffered from anxiety and depression and one there are a few major things that help a TON. Exercise almost every day for a half hour or more if you can. I ride my bike to work and that always helps. Also keeping yourself in community helps. Have your friends over for dinner, have good close friends you can share your feelings with, and try to feel them and share them : )

Finally, the easiest fix for me that has required hardly any effort is taking Omega 3s that are specially formulated for depression. I read about them in an amazing book. I recommend taking the book out from the library or buying it. Check out this website: and then buy the Omegas that are developed just for emotional balance from this website:

After a few months you and others will notice a real difference. You may feel like its expensive, but if you buy them in bulk (I recommend buying 3-6 months worth at a time) it comes to a little less than a dollar a day. A dollar a day is well worth being happier and less anxious. I totally swear by the Omegas and tell everyone about them and I get nothing from touting them except the satisfaction of someone telling me it worked! GOOD LUCK!!!!! You will get through this. You also need to have a mantra for yourself and envision yourself feeling better. The mind is an incredibly powerful thing, so imagine yourself the way you want to be and you will get closer to it!!!!

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I would recommend making an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist - they are trained in helping people in your situation and will know the different kinds of therapy and medications that are available.

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I just wrote a very long response to your question, but it was deleted accidentally!

I'm a psychotherapist, so I am answering from that perspective.

You might consider asking your doctor or a friend for a suggestion or a referral to a psychotherapist. People who work as psychotherapists can have a variety of degrees or titles. It's important that you feel comfortable with the person, that he or she seems to be wise, experienced, and knowledgeable. Every session with a therapist may not feel terrific, but the overall experience should be one of support and understanding.

It might be helpful to ask if he or she has experience in evaluating for the usefulness of psychotropic medication, what the therapist's attitude is toward medication, and if he or she can prescribe (or works closely with someone who does). It's most helpful to work with someone who's knowledgeable and flexible, who'll listen to your wishes, and can provide you with feedback and information that can assist in your decision regarding the possible use of medication.

Many of the newer antidepressants are very helpful with anxiety, also. If you decide to try medication as a part of your approach to your depression, there may be a period of trial and error until the right medication and right dosage are found.

I agree with the comments above regarding exercise, diet, and support. I'm not familiar with the specific Omega 3 described above (but plan to read about it), but sometimes supplements can be helpful.

It looks like this may be deleted again, so I will just say that you need to be compassionate with yourself. Feeling stuck is not a character flaw; it's a symptom of depression. Good luck!

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Getting on top of my thyroid issues and seeing a good cognitive behavioral therapist worked wonders for me.

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