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Can I wear contacts in the pool?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) June 12th, 2008

I want to know whether I can wear them during swimming.

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Not without goggles. They will float away when you open your eyes underwater. Not a good idea anyway.

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Yes, works for me. But don’t open your eyes too wide else they’ll float off.

heh, @gail is right, of course… but if you’re wearing disposables, the risk isn’t too great since you have more at home.

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So there you have it. Yes and no. Take your choice. (How much ready cash do you have?)

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I have loads. So thanks ;)

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When I wore contacts, I used to think about getting goggles or a snorkel mask made to my RX. Then I decided that I hated the contacts and went back to wearing glasses.

However, the water helps one’s refraction index; so when I open my eyes under water I see fairly well – better than on land w/o my glasses.

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I have gone swimming numerous times with contacts. I was okay except for the fact that later on in the night, it was a lot harder to take out the contacts because they had dried and really stuck to my eyes. they were okay the next day (after spending the night in contact solution).

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I just don’t open my eyes underwater. No problem at all if ya keep them closed.

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Gail is right. Unless you want to risk losing them. Maybe if you have disposible ones it would be okay to chance it. I lost one of mine in Hawaii when I forgot to take them out. When I came out of the water things didn’t look right. That’s when I realized what I’d done. Fortunately, I had a packed a spare set. Now I either wear goggles or just take them out whenever I go swimming.

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Yes… and if you are going to wear contacts, remember to get it 0.5 less than your usual prescription because (as Gail points out) the water refracts.

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