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Bad skin. What could be causing it and tips for fixing it?

Asked by wildflower (11157points) June 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I usually have normal skin and never had problems with spots, but lately I’m getting spots on my neck, shoulders and upper back. Could there be a cause or is it just coincidence?
Also, what are good ways to fix it?

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@Wildflower. This is very challenging to answer without knowing what the spots look like and how long this has been going on. Could you be a little more descriptive about them?

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Spots like this ?

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@harp. No, it’s not pigment spots, just mini zits/spots.
@shilolo. It’s been happening for the last month or so and there’s nothing odd about them, they’re just like the kind you might get on your face from time to time. I just never had much of these (my friends hated me for it when we were teens)
I haven’t changed diet, detergent or soap. I’m just clueless where they’re coming from and I want them gone.

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Are they itchy or painful at all? This answer will generate a whole different list. But, since you didn’t say that initially, I’m going to operate on the assumption that they are not painful or itchy. One possibility are milia due to skin impaction. Another possibility is allergic contact dermatitis perhaps in response to a new piece of jewelery, thus the neck, shoulder and back distribution? It could be adult acne, possibly due to hormonal changes (only you can know this)? As an aside, the website I linked to has a lot of other pictures. Surf around and see if anything “fits” more closely. Without actually seeing the spots and knowing what they are, I can’t give you any suggestions about what to do.

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My skin is also clear most of the time but I sometimes get spots like that from a seatbelt rubbing against my sternum or a piece of clothing or messenger bag irritating the skin on my chest. Tea tree soap in the shower seems to work, and not rubbing the affected area and trying to keep straps off of it helps as well.

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Thanks shilolo. The acne looks most likely (of course the one that there’s no cure for).
I’m too old for puberty and too young for “the change”, no new jewellery and no known allergies. At the moment I am treating my back with bepanthen (baby bum cream) because of my tattoo, but the spots started appearing before that.

@kay. The tea tree sounds worth a try, I know its great for scalps – used to use a shampoo with that.

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@wildflower. Go see a dermatologist. I have adult acne and, there is a “cure”. Acne is an infection. It can go away, but you have to go see a dermatologist. Mine is nearly gone.

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Les is right. If you want a definitive diagnosis, go see a dermatologist. There are many things to be done to help with acne. Good luck.

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Thanks guys. Although honestly, I’ll probably try a spa treatment before going to my GP. It costs the same.

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Just get some Neutrogena acne wash for the body. It should cost less than 8 bucks, and it worked for me. I would break out after going to the gym. If that doesn’t work, then it’s probably a hormonal thing and you’ll need a prescription.

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Yeah the Neutrogena body wash is really good. It contains salicylic acid. Sometimes I even mix it in with my regular body wash so it doesn’t dry out my skin. You can also use benzol peroxide on the problematic area. Another thing you can do is use a body scrub, in case it’s clogged pores (but the salicylic acid would help with that too).

If none of that works, I would see a dermatologist – might put you on a weak antibiotic, or you can go to a spa – they have all sorts of skin treatments…just depends on how much you want to spend.

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Did you change the conditioner you use on your hair? That could be causing it. It has happened to me in the past.

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Maybe Neutrogena or E45 is the way to go. Again, I don’t have sensitive or dry skin, so I’m usually not that careful with choosing products – normally pick what looks and smells nicest!
And as for sarahsugs’ Q, no, I’m not using any soaps or creams now that I haven’t used before.

I can see a decent excuse for a day at the spa coming up ;)

Thanks for all your input folks!

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