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How are organized sports beneficial for kids?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11018points) March 16th, 2013

Travel hockey, soccer, softball..

A former client of mine continuously goes on and on (ad nauseam) about her 8 year old who is involved in travel hockey.

Just wondering, what are the benefits..

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It provides a fun way for them to be active and fit, teaches them how to work well with others, teaches them to work hard and improve, and is also an opportunity for kids to form really great friendships. I’m sure there are a few other benefits as well, but these are the ones that come to mind. For parents, it gives them a reason to brag about how good their kid is at the sport and how many trophies they’ve won. ;)

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“For parents, it gives them a reason to brag about how good their kid is at the sport and how many trophies they’ve won. ;)”

Oh, I’ve been around that. I don’t mind hearing it.. in small doses..;-)

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I’m not a sports fan, but I do see extreme value in giving kids a chance to experience camaraderie and teamwork, which they’ll need for the rest of our lives, and of course getting them away from computer games, cell phones, tv and other mind-numbing activities. I wish my parents had encourged me more to do sports.

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Yes, it all makes sense. :)

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The kids learn the principles of sportsmanship and team work. It is all about sublimating your self for the good of the team.

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Learning teamwork, being a good winner and loser, working hard at something, physical exercise.

I don’t mind a parent who goes on a little about their child’s participation and success in sports, but when adults go on and on about team sports to the point that it they seem to imply people who don’t play them are missing something crucial I get annoyed. Doesn’t matter if they are talking about kids or themselves as a kid or just in general.

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My couch use to say a healthy body gives a healthy mind, that says about everything.

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@antimatter Did you mean “couch” or “coach”? I wish my couch said that to me.

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Being part of a team provides kids a sense of belonging. They make friends and develop social skills. Plus, they stay active.

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It teaches them teamwork, sportsmanship, working with others, and class.

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It’s fun.

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@antimatter Indeed, my couch tells me a healthy nap leads to an alert mind for the next Netflix. (sorry, off topic, but I could not resist!!)

Cooperation, group goals, and mutual respects are aspects I see in the kids I know who are on team sports. That, and it’s fun as @Rarebear observes ! It does seem that coaching is key to developing these things, and _not_having a ‘winning is everything’, ‘win at all costs’ experience.

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HA HA HA Sorry @janbb I mean coach I think – To be on the safe side “My trainer use to say a healthy body gives a healthy mind.
And yes @dabbler a healthy nap on the couch is good to!
Exercise is very good for any one.

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Well it helps kids with developing the skills necessary for proper teamwork and allows them to learn about winning and losing and that the most important part is that everyone tried their absolute best.
In many ways. The benefit your health if you are doing an active sport such as football or hockey and contribute to a healthy diet. They give you independence, you are able to express yourself by doing things you like. They gain you friends, most people become good friends with peers met at organised sports. They also may make you feel less isolated from people and give you time to relax. Sports release endorphins which make you feel good and cause less stress so these are very beneficial.
It is fun, it teaches team work and obviously you get fit aswell but mainly just fun I guess
Maybe to establish professional players from a young age and traveling to meet other players from other countries will give them a new experience!
Skill in said sport as well as improved physical health, with the possibility of improved mental health. I more of a fan of Singular sports such as kickboxing (don’t know what exactly it is called). Although I must say, bragging about the achievements of your child is useless, as you gain no benefit from it beside coming off as annoying. I hope that answers your question.

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