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Ever had a potato in your cocktail?

Asked by Strauss (23671points) March 17th, 2013

Yesterday I took my wife out for a brunch date. (Yes, we still date, even after knowing each other for over 25 years!) We went for brunch, and I ordered an “Irish Mary”, a variant on the Bloody Mary that used Jameson’s Irish whisky instead of the traditional vodka. It was a delicious cocktail. The interestingly, though, along with the usual lime, there was also an olive and a half of a boiled potato in the cocktail. The potato seemed to absorb the flavor of the other ingredients (tomato, pepper, salt, etc), and I did not find it at all objectionable. I just had never seen a potato served in a cocktail like that.

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I’d never seen that before. Most potatoes are large enough they would require a massive glass. I guess it must have been one of the small variety. Assuming it fits in a reasonable size cocktail glass, the potato sounds like a welcome treat at the end of the drink. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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No, but now I would really like to…! I’ve heard of bacon being served in Bloody Maries. I’ve only had olives, celery, or carrots.

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Great idea. I always wanted to make a smorgasbord cocktail or a martini with a skewer of stuffed olive, pickled onion, a chunk of salami, a piece of herring. I finally had the ingredients on hand, made the martini, put the skewer of goodies together and served it. it was awful

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@ETpro It was actually a half-potato, one of the small ones. @Sunny2 That skewer sounds like it would be good in a bloody mary, or a variation. When I think of bloody mary’s I think of seasoned, savory, spiced up tomato juice, with some of the same ingredients you would cook together for a sauce.

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Well – it was St.Patty’s day, wasn’t it?

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@Yetanotheruser I think you’re right. It would be better in a Bloody or Virgin Mary.

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@Sunny2 Maybe in a Molested Mary.

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@ETpro We might call this Fluther-inspired cocktail a _Molested Mary:

Skewer (with thanks to @Sunny2): stuffed olive, pickled onion, a chunk of salami, a piece of herring. Another separate skewer with small boiled potato. Allow skewers to marinade 3–4 hours in Molested Mary mix.

Mix: 4 oz Veggie Juice cocktail (such as V8® or for a flavorful adventure use Clamato® or a equivalent); red hot sauce to taste; green hot sauce to taste; salt/pepper to taste; pinch of cumin; mix well, set skewers to marinate.

After skewers are well-marinated, add mix to 1 oz vodka or your favorite liquor (or not, if you want Molested Mary to remain a virgin). Molest Shake well. insert skewers, serve with celery and/or parsley garnish.

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A Molested Mary is much easier to make. You just put tomato juice or V8 in a cocktail glass, add a twist of lemon and some black pepper, then mess with it a bit.

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